Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025 I Will Reward You

Frieda froze when she heard that. Although she hated Roxanne and her kids, she never intended to hurt Estella. After all, doing so would mean making an enemy of Lucian, and nobody in Horington would dare to get on his bad side.

However, Aubree had gotten her involved in her evil deeds without her knowledge. “What’s the matter? Are you scared?” Aubree asked while looking at her coldly. Frieda came back to her senses.

Aubree is right. Regardless of how I feel about the situation, I am indeed in the same boat as her now. Since there’s no running away for me anymore, my best bet is to help Aubree become Lucian’s wife! Once she rises to power, we’ll be able to cover our tracks!

With that in mind, Frieda flashed Aubree a nonchalant smile and replied, “Since when have I ever been scared? Those little b*tches had it coming! They only have their insolence to blame!”

Aubree simply stared at Frieda in silence. The tension was so high that it took Frieda every ounce of willpower she had just to maintain her smile.

After what seemed like forever, Aubree nodded and said, “That’s more like it.” Frieda then mentioned the text message from Cory. “What should we do about the ten million? Do we really give it to him?”

Aubree’s expression gradually grew cold as she gave it some thought.

While waiting for her response, Frieda continued, “He had the audacity to threaten you, so we can’t just let this slide. I’m surprised he dared demand ten million from us!”

“What do you plan on doing about it?” Aubree asked with a chuckle. “We mustn’t pay him the money. Doing so might just provide him with more dirt on us!” Frieda replied.

Aubree’s face clouded over. What Frieda said is indeed possible. Cory has set me up once, so he might try to do it again. However, I can’t afford to take that risk…

“We’ll pay him the money,” Aubree muttered through clenched teeth. Frieda went wide-eyed with shock. “Aubree!”

“If we don’t, these pictures will reach Lucian tomorrow,” Aubree said with a gloomy look in her eyes. Frieda shuddered when she realized what could happen. “All right, then. But what if he betrays us?”

Private investigators only work for the money, so they are very easily swayed.

Aubree’s expression was icy-cold as she replied, “After we pay him the money, we’ll have someone track him down and destroy the evidence!”

As Frieda didn’t have a better idea, she could only follow Aubree’s instructions and do as she was told. “Understood. I’ll have someone take care of it right away!”

Although Aubree found it disgusting, she pretended to be touched and held Frieda’s hand.

Confused, Frieda froze and stared at her in silence.

With Frieda’s hand in her own, Aubree put on the most sincere expression possible as she said, “Don’t worry, Frieda. Once I marry into the Farwell family, I’ll be sure to reward you for helping me all this while!”

Frieda’s panic and fear seemed to have disappeared after she heard that. She flashed Aubree a confident smile and said, “You’re doing all of this for Lucian’s sake, so I’m sure he’ll come to like you in the end!”

Those words hurt Aubree’s heart like salt on a wound.

Despite feeling incredibly disgusted and annoyed, Aubree simply let out a wry chuckle. “Let’s hope so.”

The two of them then chatted for a little while longer. In order to prevent Cory from betraying them out of desperation, Frieda quickly left to carry out Aubree’s instructions.

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