Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022 Treated You Poorly

The next morning, words about Aubree’s injury became public knowledge. Sonya contacted Aubree to show her concern. “Aubree, I heard you were injured. Is that true?”

Aubree sat on the edge of her bed and stared at her wounded ankle. Her expression was cold, but she replied nicely, “I accidentally fell down, but I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me, Mrs. Farwell.”

Sonya furrowed her brows. “How did you fall? Didn’t you visit Lucian yesterday? Does he know that you’re hurt?”

Aubree sounded conflicted as she responded, “Mrs. Farwell, you should stay out of this.” “He knows about it, doesn’t he?” Sonya immediately guessed.

Every time Lucian mentioned his relationship with Aubree, he would tell me to stay out of it. Even Aubree is saying the same thing now!

At that thought, Sonya grew breathless with anger. “Tell me how you got hurt.” A smug look flashed across Aubree’s eyes as Sonya was close to the truth.

She pretended to be hesitant for a few seconds as if struggling with what to say. “Yesterday, I fell down the stairs as I was leaving Lucian’s place and injured my ankle bone.”

Then, as if she was concerned that Sonya might hold Lucian responsible for her injury, she quickly added, “Fortunately, Lucian had Dr. Elswick treat my injury in time.”

Gina happened to enter her room at that exact moment, so Aubree quickly signaled to her. Gina got her hint and immediately chimed in, “Samuel and I freaked out when we received Lucian’s call last night.”

Sonya sensed something amiss and her frown deepened. “Lucian called you? Where is Aubree now?”

She had assumed that Lucian would let Aubree stay at the manor and look after her since she got injured at his place. After all, it was the right thing to do.

However, she started doubting herself after hearing Gina’s words.

Before Gina could respond, Aubree interjected, “Mrs. Farwell, I’m at home now. I think it would be better for me to recuperate here under my parents’ care.”

She was indicating that she chose not to recuperate at the Farwell residence.

Gina quickly threw her a look.

However, Aubree wasn’t about to change her mind. She seemed confident as she waited for Sonya’s answer.

As she anticipated, Sonya’s angry voice rang out. “You don’t have to take his side. Lucian must have treated you poorly! I can’t believe he made you leave when you were injured. Don’t worry. I’ll give him a piece of my mind on your behalf!”

Gina belatedly realized that it was merely a strategic but efficient retreat on Aubree’s part.

Aubree flashed a pleased smirk and deliberately replied, “Mrs. Farwell, you’ve gotten it wrong. It was my decision to—”

“Stop trying to defend him. I know you’re a good person. Don’t worry. As long as I am here, I will never let you suffer.” With that, Sonya hung up right away.

After the call ended, Aubree let out a snicker and tossed her phone aside, then turned to stare at her ankle which was in a cast.

She thought it was worth getting injured because Sonya was going to defend her.

Gina, who was standing at the side, relaxed immediately as their plan had succeeded.

Suddenly recalling why she had come upstairs, she said, “Aubree, Frieda is here to visit you.”

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