Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 935

Soon after they left, Crayson entered the room. What he saw was Veronica having breakfast at the dining table, looking lonely and depressed. Her face displayed worry and exhaustion, and the dark circles under her eyes showed she did not rest much last night.

“You’re eating breakfast, which is better than I expected. He approached and praised her. Originally, he thought Veronica would be so worried that she could not eat or drink after Matthew’s disappearance, only having thoughts about tracking him down. Hence, he was not expecting she had shed her impatient nature and gradually become calmer and more mature. Veronica ate some porridge before glancing at Crayson. “He’s missing, not dead.”

A light flashed across his shrewd eyes before he smiled. “Matthew is intelligent and blessed. Of course, he wouldn’t die that easily.” “Wouldn’t that be against your wish, Master?” She picked some vegetables and ate them before asking sarcastically.

The sudden question shocked Crayson, who was stunned for a few seconds before sitting beside her. “Are you suspecting I have something to do with his death?”

Did she find out about something? At that, Veronica suddenly stopped eating and gazed down before looking up at him. “It doesn’t matter whether you have something to do with this. What’s important is finding him.” Once she spoke those words, she ate her. porridge until it was all gone. Then, she placed her cutleries down and wiped her mouth before staring at him. “How about we make a deal?”

“What deal?” He was all ears. “I know it would be easy with your ability to find Matthew. So, I’d like to ask you to locate him. Once you do, we will help you deal with the Ledger Clan together and take back the position of the head of the clan. Deal?”

After listening to her offer, he sighed heavily. “Roni, you see too highly of me. If I had such a capability, I would’ve already helped Madam Hayley get back the throne and not be here, racking my brains and using all the plans I can think of to get what I want.”

His words made Veronica scoff softly. He missed one point, though. Not only did he use every plan he could think of and rack his brain for ideas, but he also used all his efforts to put up a show!

“I know you’re thinking of whom to inherit the throne. However, as you’ve expected, Tiffany died in the mountains and will never be of use to you, and Hayley doesn’t have a child. So, I am the only successor. If you can help me find Matthew, I can find a way to make him stay there.”

Her first idea was to persuade Crayson so that he would help her locate Matthew. However, Crayson pulled out a tobacco pipe and packed it before lighting it up. Then, he began smoking with a frown and said nothing.

She continued, “You should know how important Matthew is to me. If he dies, I will certainly not continue living alone. He has done a lot for me, which I can’t repay with anything. but my life. He remained silent.

“I know you don’t trust me, but you, my master, are shrewd. I believe you’ve already planned something that involves my children in Bloomstead. Would I not listen to you if you used my children to threaten me? Especially when the hidden clan has an ancient technique that can ‘seal a person’s memory’.

You can easily control the situation no matter which technique you choose, so why choose to watch Matthew die? At the very least, if he lives, he will be of big help to you at this moment. If he dies, I will make sure you will never have a successor for the head of the clan.”

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