Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 933

“B-But you don’t lack any… money.” Eleanor became weak as her complexion gradually paled, rendering her frail speech. Tanya supported her daughter and said, “You take a rest and leave everything else to me.”

“Okay.” Eleanor nodded and asked, “How long will it take?” “At least a week.”

“That long?” “Although it’s a scientific method, it’s still not advanced to the point that we can read all his memories in one or two days. You silly child, what are you thinking?”

After bringing Eleanor back to her room, Tanya called for a doctor. Then, she had someone secretly bring Matthew over and block off all news about him from the public.

At One Piece Restaurant, Veronica was growing restless, and her mind was filled with everything about Matthew. It was an agonizing night for her, but she still had not gotten any news about him. She waited until the sun began to rise before sitting on the couch and taking a small nap.

Since everyone in One Piece Restaurant had gone out to search for Matthew, the restaurant was closed for the day. After Skyler and Shirley woke up, she knew no one was preparing breakfast and went downstairs to make one.

Knock-Knock-Knock- Skyler knocked on the door before heading inside. When Veronica, who had slept for two hours, woke up and saw him, she rose and asked, “Is there news about Matt?” Her eyes glistened with hope and anticipation..

However, he shook his head helplessly. “No.” At the sight of her haggard appearance and dark eye circles, he asked, “You…. didn’t sleep last night, did you?”

She dispiritedly turned around and plopped back on the couch, looking depressed. ‘It’s been one whole night, yet there’s still no news of him. Where is he?”

“Roni, if I had to say something, I’d tell you that. Matt is like a cat with nine lives. You don’t have y about him. I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Skyler to worry a approached Veronica to comfort her. However, even he found it hard to believe the words he had just said.

The two sat inside the living room briefly before Shirley brought in their breakfast. ‘Ron, Sky, have some breakfast. I made spinach quiche and porridge.” Afterward, she considerately placed the breakfast on the table and informed them while holding the serving tray. “There are two more dishes, and I warmed some milk. I’ll go get them.” Then, she turned around and headed back downstairs.

While looking at the anxious and helpless Veronica, Skyler was worried and assured her. “Don’t put too much stress on yourself and eat something. How will you look for Matt if you don’t take care of yourself? Your health is the most important of all.”

Since Matthew was absent at the moment, Skyler not only had to locate him, but he also had to shoulder the responsibility of protecting Veronica. Under his persistent persuasion, she got up and headed to the bathroom to wash up.

A while later, Shirley returned with two other dishes and warm milk. When she saw the missing Veronica, she scanned around and asked, “Where’s Roni?”

Skyler shrugged and sighed. “She’s too worried about Matt and seems out of it. I just persuaded her to clean up, so she’ll be back soon.”

Hearing that, Shirley sighed as well and sat beside him, exclaiming, “Roni and President Kings have such a strong relationship, so she must be worried sick.” As she spoke, she moved her chair closer to him and whispered, “President Kings will be fine, right?”

“It’s hard to be sure.” He shook his head. “With enemies surrounding him, his situation isn’t optimistic, and he’s most probably severely injured. If he has no one to protect him now, it’s hard to imagine what might happen.”

It’s a pity that we’re not in Bloomstead. No matter how much we’re worried, we can’t do anything about it. Though Matt had been planning for half a year before coming to the hidden clan, it’s tough for outside forces to deal with local forces. This is not our turf, so we’re in a passive situation no matter what we do.

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