Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 930

“Alright, what is it? Just tell me.” She did not want to keep talking about that matter, for it was unpleasant; talking about sex with her daughter sounded weird.

Eleanor hesitated for a while, after which she stammered, “M-Mother, a friend of mine has been poisoned. He might not live through the night. C-Can you save him?” “Take him to the hospital, then. Not like I can help.”

“It’s already spread throughout his body. The doctor said he can’t survive much longer.” There was sadness in Eleanor’s voice. “I had no choice but to come here. I know you can reverse the poison’s spread with a spell.” At that point, she only wanted Matthew to live..

It was surprising to Tanya that her daughter would ask for help for a friend. “He’s someone you like?” “Yes,” confessed Eleanor. “And who’s the lucky guy? You’ve never told me.” Tanya leaned on her seat, looking at her daughter coolly.

“He. She clenched her hands, sweat pouring forth. Nervously, she said, ‘He’s not the son of a rich guy, nor is he a nobility. He’s… Matthew Kings.”  “Matthew?” Tanya tried to recall a face but failed. “Which Matthew?”

“Veronica’s… husband.”

“What? Isn’t he dead?”

“No, that’s fake news. He’s not dead. He came to the hidden clan with Veronica.” “So, you fell in love with a married man?” Even though Tanya did not fly into a rage, Eleanor could detect her anger.

Yet, she could not care about that and nodded. “Yes, but that won’t stop me from falling for him.”

Bang! Tanya slammed the table. “Nonsense! He’s Veronica’s husband! And yet, you fell for him? Why? Do you have any idea how long she’s been trying to usurp my place? You’re practically inviting the enemy into our house.”

If it had not been for this piece of information, Tanya would have no idea why Eleanor liked that random bodyguard of Veronica. So, she must’ve known he was Matthew, and she saw his true face. That’s why she fell for him. That’s why she keeps hanging around him and calling him her master.

“I won’t let her take over the clan, and I will keep Matthew. Eleanor stood up, puffing her chest out. “And did he agree to your arrangement?” Eleanor kept quiet. “Have you asked my opinion beforehand?”

Eleanor kept quiet once again. She had no answer for either of those questions, but in the end, she mustered up her courage to say, “I like him, Mother, and I will take him for myself. Please, save him.”

“What if I say no?” Tanya took a sip out of her cup of tea. She spoke calmly as if she was joking, but her refusal was clear to see.

Eleanor fell to her knees. The obsidian tiles. shone brightly, reflecting the resplendent chamber and helpless woman. The tiles were hard as marbles, yet she fell to her knees with force enough to crack a tile. The pain made her frown, but she did not flinch. Instead, she stayed upright and requested, “Mother, I’ve never asked you for anything, but just for once, please, save him.”

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