Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 929

I’ll talk, I’ll talk!” The shocked doctor quickly said, “Seek out Queen Tanya. She knows how to save him, but the process is complicated. I can’t guarantee that she’ll agree to it, though.” Eleanor mused over the option and frowned. “You mean… a spell?”

“Yes.” The doctor nodded. She let go of the doctor, who leaned on the wall, wiping sweat off his forehead as he gulped in the air. Slowly, she turned around and looked at Matthew through the window. Her heart sank, and she was struggling inside. Eventually, her heart won over her mind before she turned to the elevator. “If he dies before my men can take him, I will kill all of you.” She stopped and turned around. “Tell everyone to keep his existence here a secret.”

“Yes, of course. I’ll tell the director right away.” The doctor quickly bowed. With that, Eleanor left the hospital and went to the palace. She headed straight to Tanya’s chambers, but a servant stopped her. ‘Queen Tanya is busy, Your Highness. Please come later.”

Refusing to listen, Eleanor kicked the servant away. “Out of my way. Stop me and I will kill you,” she hissed coldly, glaring at everyone with murder in her eyes.

One look was sufficient to make the servants step back in fear as they got out of her way.. while the servant who got kicked was taken back up. Without anyone stopping her, Eleanor went through the courtyard, ascended the stairs, and entered the great hall. “Oh my, Nukkar… Mmm… You’re so naughty… Ahh… Oh, I love how you’re doing it, yes. Give it to me… Hm…”

The first thing Eleanor saw when she opened the door was her mother having sex with one of her harem members on the bed. The couple froze, and Tanya quickly covered herself with some clothes. “Get. Out.”

Eleanor’s face fell as she turned around and closed the door. Caught in the act, Tanya lost all interest and darkened her visage. Nukkar respectfully said, “She’s probably here for something, Tanya.” He held her face and pressed his lips against hers. “I’ll be waiting for you tonight.”

She wiped her look of decadence away and straightened out her clothes before sitting up. “You may leave now.” The man got up, tidied his clothes, and left through the backyard. Once he was gone, she announced, “Come in.”

Eleanor returned to the hall once again and closed the door. She approached her mother, who instantly chided her, “That was mannerless. You should’ve knocked.”

It was traumatizing to see her mother having sex right before her eyes, but Eleanor set it aside. She had more important matters to discuss. “Sorry, Mother. I should’ve knocked, but please. Can you take… whatever it is you were doing elsewhere next time?” I know you’re the Queen, and I know your harem’s filled with beautiful men, but that’s no excuse to screw like rabbits everywhere. Tanya’s face fell. “Trying to tell me what to do, are you?”

“Calm down, Mother. It’s for your good, Eleanor said. “You’re lucky it was I who saw it. If it were someone else, they’d talk about it behind your back for days.”

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