Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 928

Her servant was delighted. “The leader will want to hear of this.” “A minute.” Eleanor held the servant’s arm. “Where’s Matthew?” “You mean the man you saved?” The servant was unsure who Matthew was. “Yes.” She nodded. “He’s poisoned and dying. He’s now in the hospital, probably under treatment.”

“Which hospital?” “Lower Base Hospital,” said the servant, after which Eleanor got out of bed and darted out of the bedroom.

“Where are you going, Princess? You’re poisoned. The doctor said you have to rest.” The servant trotted after her, but she had gone out of the lobby. Following that, the roar of an engine pierced the night, and Eleanor drove away.

She floored the gas pedal and sped to Lower Base Hospital, the closest hospital to Lakeside Residence. Though it was a small hospital, the hidden clan’s royalty and their families were frequent guests, so they had the best facilities the clan had to offer. Half an hour later, she arrived at the hospital and asked around. Eventually, she discovered that Matthew was in  the ICU, so she grabbed a doctor. “How is Matthew doing?”

The balding doctor shook his head and stated carefully, “He’s beyond saving, Princess. We did our best. He won’t last through the night.”

“Nonsense! He was taken to the ICU just in time. Now, you tell me he’s dying?” Eleanor’s heart thumped as something squeezed it. Despite only knowing Matthew for a little while, she fell hopelessly in love with him. It was not every day she fell for someone, and now, the man she loved was meeting his demise. She would not let that happen!

“Princess, he’s out of commission, but the venom is torturing him. Most people would’ve died at this point, but his will to live is incredible. Even so, the venom’s already spread. throughout his body. He can’t last through the night, the doctor explained with a trembling voice.

Suddenly, Eleanor whipped out a dagger and held it against the doctor’s throat. “If you can’t save him, I will kill you.” The doctor fell to his knees, his face pale. “I can’t save him, not even if you kill me,” he begged.

“Why you…” She held up her dagger and tried to thrust it into the doctor’s chest, but eventually, she kicked him away. “Impossible. He can’t die.”

She staggered, her dagger falling out of her hand and clanging against the ground. She then walked up to the glass window of the ICU to stare at Matthew with a torn heart.

Fearing for his life, the doctor took a few deep breaths to calm himself down, then his eyes shone. “Princess, there is one way to save him.” “What is it?” Her eyes glistened with hope.

“It’s…” The doctor shook his head and heaved a sigh, waving his hand. “The chances are too slim.” Enraged by the doctor’s behavior, she went up to him and grabbed him by the collar. “Tell me, or I will shut you up for good.”

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