Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 925

She sat in front of Skyler and asked, “Are you hurt?” “Are you worried about me?” He wrapped his arm around her neck, openly flirting with her. She turned red and pushed him away. “Stop messing around.”

“You’re my girlfriend. I can hug you. Honestly, even if I were to have sex with you right here right now, nobody can fault me,’ he said without holding back. The girl turned so red that she might as well be an apple at that point.

“Will you shut it? Roni is here. You’re such a perv.” She pouted and shot him a look. He rested his elbows on the table and cocked his eyebrow, then he smirked. “Roni’s already a mother of two. So what if she’s here?”

That’s not what I meant. Veronica was amused by the couple’s antics. “Get some rest while we wait for Matt’s news.” She rose to her feet and went upstairs.

In contrast, Skyler did not move. Only after Veronica had gotten into the elevator did he wrap his arm around Shirley’s neck and pull her into his embrace. “You were bold. It’s only been. one night, and you were already flirting with Lazlo? What am I, a chopped liver?”

Shirley scrunched her face up and thumped his chest. “What are you talking about? I was just worried, and it kept me up, so I wanted to do some chores to divert my attention. Otherwise…” She hung her head low. “You’ve been out for nearly two days. I was worried.”

She spoke softly, her cheeks red and filled with worry. He loved seeing her like this, but he did not want her to worry, so he raised her chin and pressed his lips against hers. It was a quick peck. “I’ve missed you too.” He picked her up in a princess hold and quickly went to the elevator. Then, he pressed the button and went into the other elevator.

After the doors were closed, he pinned Shirley against the doors and leaned down for a kiss. An intense kiss was as blazing as a ball of flames. It made her so dizzy that she did not even realize they had emerged from the elevator. Subsequently, he took her into a room and closed the door before heading into the bedroom and pinning her down on the bed. “I’ve missed you, Shir.”

She was red and drowning in love, unable to get up. She heaved a sigh and bit her lip. “I’ve missed you-”

Before she could finish, Skyler pressed his lips. against hers. He tried to unbutton her clothes, but it was getting tricky, so he cursed, “Dammit.” The sound of fabric tearing ripped through the air as he tore her clothes apart.

The sudden rampage caught her by surprise, and it was not until they had become one that she snapped out of it. They went crazy, and he devoured her without leaving anything behind. The ecstasy from the deed sent her to the heaven of climax, and she loved every moment of it. He looked at her and smirked before stopping intentionally. “So, this is the real you, Shir.”

Being forced to stop in the middle of a climax annoyed her, and she clutched the blanket with one hand and held Skyler’s arm with the other. She whispered, “Sky…”

“What is it?” he asked, pretending to be serious. “I… I… You…” She blushed as there were some things that she could not bring herself to say. Her face looked like a peach, and it was adorable.

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