Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 924

Veronica forced a smile and went up to Shirley. “You’re still up. It’s late.” Shirley looked at Skyler and realized there was a dark look on his face as he stared at Lazlo with fury in his eyes. Did he take this the wrong way?

Ignoring that, she went up to Veronica and hugged her. “It’s good to see you in one piece.” The hug touched Veronica’s wound, prompting her to draw a sharp breath.

“What’s wrong?” asked Skyler and Shirley in unison. Veronica answered, “Got hurt earlier.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?’ He went ahead. and dragged Shirley away. Then, he stood before Veronica and checked her out before realizing that her left sleeve had a different color than the other parts of her shirt, with a big hole in it. He frowned and shot her a look. She sure can endure. This is a big wound, and she still fought with me earlier, and I didn’t even realize anything.

“Shirley, get the medical kit,” he said. She nodded. “Sure. You and Roni sit down while I get the stuff. Lazlo, get some water for them.” She went to the counter and rummaged through the drawer for a medical kit.

Veronica waved everyone down. “This is nothing. Lazlo, stop whatever you’re doing and get your men to find out where Matt is.” She wore a look of worry and solemnity on her face.

Knowing how serious things were, Lazlo responded, “A second. I’ll summon them right away.”

While he was gathering his men, Shirley had already returned with the medical kit. Skyler cut Veronica’s shirt open with a pair of scissors, revealing her wound. This is bad.

“If Matthew knows you’re this badly wounded, he’ll kill me.” He joked.. Veronica glanced at her wound. “If he can show up, that is.”

“D-Did something happen to him?” asked Shirley, who finally noticed something wrong. When Skyler shot her a look, she shut up and sat down, never asking any questions again.

Following that, he whipped out some anesthetic and injected it into Veronica’s arm before extracting the bullet from her wound. He then sewed the wound shut, rubbed some salve on it, and bandaged it all in one go.

Thanks to the anesthetic, Veronica felt no pain and praised his skills. ‘No wonder they call your a genius. It’s a pity that you don’t want to be a doctor.”

“I used to love being one, but then the politics and the industry’s capitalistic tendencies ruined my passion, so I changed my career,” Skyler spoke of his past to divert her attention so she would not keep worrying about Matthew.

The customers for One Piece Restaurant appeared a while later. Veronica told them about Matthew’s condition, and they left the place to start their investigations. Every single one of them was a pro, so they would find something.

Shirley made a cup of hot tea for Veronica. “You should drink something, Roni. We can leave everything for tomorrow.” She placed another cup of tea before Skyler. “You too.”

“Sure, he responded. He picked the cup up and thought it was hot. ‘Anything warm?” “Yes,” Shirley nodded and proffered them two glasses of warm water.

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