Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 923

“Yes. Her Highness isn’t back from the hunt yet.” informed the guard rather genuinely. Veronica paused for a moment, then she looked at Skyler nervously. “Let’s go.” He gave her a look After they left, she became deep in thought.

“Matt and Eleanor probably got into trouble, or he would’ve come to me by now.” They’re both missing, so where could they be? “To One Piece Restaurant,” she said.

They drove to their destination, and Veronica leaned on the seat with her eyes closed, analyzing the problem at hand. “Roni, he might still be in the mountains.” Skyler guessed. She shook her head. “No way.”

“Why?” “We’ve been battling since afternoon, and it was a big commotion. He must’ve heard it, and he would come as fast as he could, but he didn’t That proves he’s hurt.”

After a bit of analysis, she was sure of her guess, but… “But Eleanor likes him, and now she’s saved his life, so I’m a bit worried.” She heaved a sigh and massaged her temples. That was a dilemma.

“If she likes him and has saved him, then he’ll be fine. What’s there to worry about?”

“Because…” Veronica went silent for a while.. She pursed her lips and heaved a sigh. “Because the hidden clan has a technique that can seal someone’s memory. If Eleanor uses that to get her hands on Matt…” She chortled, something squeezing her heart.

She did not finish her sentence, but Skyler got the message. He drove on carefully and glanced at her, but it was night and dark. outside, so he could not see the look on her face. “Well… Cheer up a little. Sure, he might be a charmer, but he’s already married and a father of two. Eleanor won’t fall for him.” He chuckled and tried his best to liven things up. “You overestimate Matthew’s charm.”

In reality, Skyler was worried as well. He was a doctor, so he did not think the idea of sealing someone’s memory was a joke. Even outside of the hidden clan, there were ways to seal someone’s memory, and inserting a chip into. someone’s brain could mess their memories up. It sounded ludicrous, but it was true.

Problem was, erasing someone’s memories or creating fake memories required a great price, a cost that the hidden clan would pay, which worried him. “Besides, I’m a doctor. Even if he does lose his memory, I can help him out,” he said. It was an exaggeration, but he needed to say that to calm Veronica down.

Hearing that, she remained silent. An hour later, they arrived at One Piece Restaurant. They parked their car and knocked on the door before heading inside.

“Miss Murphy? You’re early.” Lazlo was the one who opened the door. He and his team knew of the hunting festival, and One Piece Restaurant sent some of their men to hide in the mountains a week ago.

“How many of you guys are remaining?” Veronica went inside with a question. “Roni? Sky?” Shirley could not sleep, so she was in the lounge chatting with Lazlo until the two showed up.

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