Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 922

If he had known that was what Veronica thought of him, he would not have come all the way here and risked his life for her. She glanced at Skyler and told Mateo, ‘I’m not part of your clan, so your clan’s business has nothing to do with him and me.”

Ha. I knew she wouldn’t forget about me. I’m sorry, but Grandpa said I must keep you in the mountains until they present you with the prey, no matter what.” Mateo stopped her until all six of his men showed up. Twenty minutes later, all seven of them, including Mateo, were defeated and tied to the trees.

“If you want to wait, you can wait by yourself.” Veronica heaved a sigh and looked at him. “Tell Crayson he will never control me. I will never be his puppet. Tiffany is dead, and your grandfather is the reason for it!”

Without his stupid plan, Tiffany would never have existed. Crayson not only tried to control her life, but he also controlled Tiffany’s life as well. However, Veronica was an opinionated rebel, and so was Tiffany. Unfortunately, Tiffany did not have the love and protection of Matthew.

If Matthew had thought that Tiffany was the one who saved his life, he would have fallen in love with her, and Veronica might have been the one to die. Tiffany’s existence and her whole life were a tragedy. Veronica despised her, but when she saw Tiffany hit the ground dead, she had nothing but pity for her. Tiffany existed for her, and she died because of her.

After they got out of the mountains, Skyler drove, while Veronica took the passenger seat and had a break. With that, they made their way to the palace. He could not help but ask, “Why’d Crayson kill Tiffany?”

‘Because…” She told him about Tiffany’s story. “Crayson might not have been directly involved in her death, but he indirectly was. He created her and pushed her to her death for his plan.” A long sigh escaped her lips, and she glanced outside the window. “If I were in her place, I’d probably end up in a similar circumstance.”

‘I don’t think so.” Skyler did not share her views. “You’re smarter and less greedy than she was. You wouldn’t have died.” He had faith in her.

Veronica did not argue, nor did she bother with that. She knew she might be smart, but everything she knew now was taught by Crayson. Without his teachings, she was just a regular human who could do nothing in the face of these enemies, let alone engage in a Game. of Thrones with them. Tiffany was but a sacrifice in this game, so she thought it was pitiable.

Two hours later, they came to the palace, where Veronica told the guards who she was. She demanded to see Eleanor, but the guard answered, “Her Highness is not in.”

“She’s not in?” She wondered if the guard was telling the truth, doubling on her worry.

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