Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 921

Noticing him moving around, Veronica barked, “Don’t move! I’m bandaging you!” Dominik stopped moving right away. When she finally finished bandaging him up, he had lost his chance to attack her. ‘No wonder you’re the prince. You sure can take a hit.” She moved backward and sat down to heal up, smirking at the prince.

He looked at her hands, and once again, he was impressed by her skill set. “You were born and raised in Bloomstead. Where did you learn how to shoot? Aside from the hidden clan and Castron, no nation would allow its citizens to have any firearms.”

“There’s something called a shooting range,” said Veronica as she uncapped Dominik’s water bottle. She poured some water out to wash her hands. The blood that drenched her hands was annoying her, so she wanted to wash them all away. “You can’t move now that you’re hurt, so just sit around. I’ll fire a signal. Someone’s bound to save you.”

She would not go anywhere with Dominik, for he was a dangerous and badly injured man. If anything were to happen to him when she was with him, she could never wash the suspicion off.

She whipped out her signal gun and fired a shot into the sky. The shot bloomed into a green firework, hanging in the air for a while. The royalty of the hidden clan used green signal flares to make it easier to differentiate.

Dominik looked at her for a moment, then he shook his head and smiled. I’ve underestimated her capabilities. “What are you laughing at?” She wondered why. he was smiling. “No. Just feels like I’m knowing you for the first time again,’ he said weakly.

She got what he meant, but she said nothing. “Get some rest. I’m leaving.” She pointed at the gun on the ground. “You don’t need this anymore, so I’m taking it.” She took it before he could even give her permission, then she smiled. “See you.” She walked into the woods and disappeared a while later.

Once she was gone, a pair of men came out and stood before Dominik. “Do you need us to take her out, Your Highness?”

Dominik was leaning against a tree, and he looked in the direction where Veronica left. He stared at the ground for a moment before ordering. “Take me home.”

I can’t kill her easily as she is now. I should preserve my strength and go with the flow. An hour later, Mateo and Skyler met up with Veronica. They ran into three more waves of enemies, but they managed to clear them out and left the mountains before sundown. Before they could leave, Mateo stopped her. “You can’t leave yet, Roni.”

“Why?” “Grandpa’s orders. You must get first place in this event,” he explained. That was a message from Crayson.

Skyler flew into a rage. “What the f*ck are you talking about? She almost got killed, and you want her to take first place? Do you guys want to see her dead or something?” He saw what Veronica had to go through in the mountains, and he did not like how she was treated.

“This is our clan’s business, not yours,’ Mateo rebutted. Veronica nodded. “You’re right.” “What’s that supposed to mean, Roni?” Skyler bristled. “What am I, the next-door neighbor?”

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