Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 920

She pitied Tiffany, for she trusted those who deserved no trust, so she met a tragic end. Still, Veronica was glad that she was fast. If she had not moved away soon enough, Dominik would have killed her as well. Fortunately, he failed. She went up to him and stared into his eyes. “Tuck that gun away. I’ll deal with your wound.”

Dominik was sitting on the ground, leaning on a tree. He looked at his gun and smiled resignedly. “Worried I might shoot you again?”

“The treatment’s gonna hurt, so take this. She handed him a wooden stick. ‘Don’t want you to hurt yourself with that gun.” She snatched his gun away before he could say anything, then she stuffed the stick into his hand. “If you can’t take the pain, try biting the stick. It’ll work.”

“Sure. He nodded, a gentle smile curling his lips. Most people would let their guard down around him, given that he looked like a good guy, but he had a dark heart and an even darker soul.

Veronica crouched and whipped out a dagger. She tore open his clothes, revealing his muscles underneath. ‘There were a few pricks on the dagger, and we need to take those out. Otherwise, they’ll dig into your flesh as you walk and kill you,’ she said. ‘I’ll cut your wound open. It’s going to hurt, so hold it in.”

“Do it. I can take the pain,” Dominik said. She cocked her eyebrow, and her eyes glinted before she slashed his wound open. It was a precise slash, but she did it slowly. He gnashed his teeth, clenching down on the stick while shivering in pain. “Don’t move.” She smirked, making a cross near the dart, She slashed once horizontally and vertically. It was not a big wound, but she deepened the gash.

Blood flowed out of the wound and caused Dominik’s forehead to be drenched in perspiration. His face was pale, and his veins popped. Slowly, Veronica’s anger faded. You deserve this, you b*stard.

She said, “Hold it in. I’ll take them out soon.” “Just… do… it!” His teeth chattered, his body shivering. Every cell in his body was screaming in pain and talking alone took everything he had.

That’s all you can take? Veronica sneered and slowly pulled the dart out. It was drenched in blood, and a drop of red hung from its tip, slowly dripping. “Done.” She held the dart and wiped the blood off his clothes before she tucked it in the parchment around her waist. “Any blood stopper?” She rummaged through his pack. “Yes,” he uttered through the pain..

She searched through the pack and found some blood stoppers and bandages. Then, she pulled his shirt up and poured some powder over his wound, then he leaned over and wrapped the bandage around his waist.

While she was treating him, Dominik looked at her with murder in his gaze. He knew Veronica put him through that much pain on purpose. Slowly, he moved his hand behind and held the hilt of the dagger he was hiding as he looked away.

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