Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 919

Tiffany’s shoulder injury was quite severe, but as she was dressed in black, no one could tell how badly she was bleeding. However, if one were to press their hand against the wound, their hand would be covered in blood. That was the only way of knowing just how serious her injury was, “One of us won’t be living past today, Veronica.

Hahaha… Just wait…”

Tiffany cackled like a lunatic. Just then, Veronica lunged to her left and rolled on the ground as she shot off two darts. At the same time, a gunshot rang out.

The bullet came flying toward the spot where Veronica had been standing earlier, but because she moved away, it hit Tiffany right in the heart instead.

“Ugh… Tiffany groaned as she spat out a mouthful of blood..

She leaned limply against the tree and stared at the man in front of her in disbelief. Though she opened her mouth to speak, the blood made it hard to decipher what she said. Tiffany couldn’t resign herself to this outcome. She slowly turned her head to take one last look at Veronica…

Even now, she couldn’t understand how Veronica had managed to realize that someone was behind her and how she’d skillfully dodged the bullet.

Tiffany lost. It was well and truly over, but she couldn’t accept this. She refused to accept this! She refused to die in discontent!

Bang! Bang! Two more shots rang out as Dominik fired the gun at Tiffany twice. Tiffany could’ve lived, but after his additional shots, there was no longer any hope of survival.

Her eyes went wide as she stared at the man in shock. Just a while ago, he said he would protect her and keep her safe. Yet, he was killing her off himself now.

It was all too sudden, which completely caught her off guard. The pain seemed to numb everything else. Tiffany no longer had any strength left to stand. She fell sideways to the ground.

Just before she hit the ground, her vision grew blurry, and her ears no longer heard anything. The light seemed to prick her eyes.

When she fell to the ground, her eyes remained wide open as blood trickled out of her mouth. Her body tried to twitch as if trying to struggle for survival, but only her fingers trembled slightly.

Tiffany could sense her life fading away. She was going through the despair of someone on the verge of death.

Her lips curved into a hopeless, self- deprecating smile. She’d fought all her life to fulfill her stubborn, competitive streak, but she’d ended up with nothing.

When she discovered she existed only to die in place of Veronica, she realized that her life was a joke. She refused to give in to fate. She tried her best to fight back and get away from her shackles to carve out a new life for herself.

However, in the end, she realized that everything she did was pointless. She couldn’t win against Veronica. She couldn’t win the affection of others. She couldn’t win enough to feel secure. She couldn’t win herself a future. If there was next life…

If she were to live again, she didn’t want to be a human this time. Being a human hurt too much… It was far too torturous.

Meanwhile, Veronica was a few yards away. She watched as Tiffany fell to the ground, and she slowly got to her feet while eyeing Dominik with a complicated look.

“You’re quite agile, Miss Murphy. I just wanted to save you and kill Tiffany, you know. I didn’t expect you’d throw a dart at me. What’s that all about? Is this… how you repay me? You’re like the snake who bit the farmer.”

Dominik was clutching his abdomen, which had been hit by the dart, staring at Veronica with an exasperated look. Veronica dusted herself off before looking. apologetically at him. “Oops, sorry about that. I thought you were an enemy.”

Though, she wasn’t wrong about that. When Tiffany’s expression turned smug after inadvertently looking behind Veronica, the latter knew that Tiffany’s help had arrived.

She simply didn’t expect that person to be Dominik. Alas, this man’s too smart. He even shot Tiffany twice to prove his innocence, which also gives him the chance to turn things around and question me for injuring him.

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