Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 917

“Take this too. Keep it wrapped around your waist. There are 24 darts in it. Matt told me to prepare it for you. He said this is what you’re most proficient in using.” Skyler took out a large sheepskin roll from his bag and passed it to her..

Veronica took it from him and saw that it was filled with glistening silver darts. Matthew had prepared all of this for her. He’s the one who understands me the best.

Veronica didn’t dare to waste any time. She tied the sheepskin roll tightly around her waist. “Be careful, Skyler. Don’t forget that Shirley’s still waiting for you,’ she said.

While speaking, a few men came over and guarded Skyler among them. They looked ready for battle. Veronica knew that these were Matthew’s people. They’d been following them the whole time.

Matthew planned everything to ensure she would be safe, but he forgot to plan for himself. “Leave! Don’t dally any longer, Skyler growled. “We can handle it. Hurry up and go.”

“Okay. Be careful.” Veronica began running off again. Without her backpack, she was able to weave through the forest a lot quicker this time. While sprinting, she used her arms to block the thorny vegetation in front of her to avoid getting injured.

The wind whistled in her ear with the sounds of the fight happening lower down the mountain mixed in. She knew it was bound to happen, but she didn’t expect it to be this intense.

Veronica’s only goal right now was to leave this mountain. Once she got out, she’d be safe. Out of the blue, five people appeared in front of her. “Where do you think you’re going?”

Tiffany was in the lead, and there were four men in black behind her. Their muscles bulged against their thin clothes. Veronica came to an abrupt halt. She eyed Tiffany coldly. “What are you doing here?”

Didn’t Crayson take her away to seal her memories? Judging by her reaction, she doesn’t look like she’d undergone a memory seal. “Hmph! I’m here to send you to the afterlife, of course.”

Tiffany snorted icily before she smirked. “I told you, Veronica. Sooner or later, you’ll die at my hands.” She didn’t want to waste any more of her breath on Veronica, so she waved to the men behind her. “Kill her.”

Veronica saw the four men slowly raising their guns, so she swiftly dodged to the side and shot out a few darts from the roll around her waist. “Argh!”

“Ouch. It hurts…”

Bang! Bang! Veronica jumped behind a large boulder. When she landed, she heard gunshots ringing out. Three of the four men had fallen, and Tiffany had been hit by a dart, too.

They’d completely underestimated Veronica. They never thought she’d be able to take out three of them in an instant. Veronica’s heart was pounding as she hide behind the boulder and listened to the sounds of the bullets ricocheting off the boulder. She got down to hide behind the tall vegetation.

After lying down on the grass, she tried to see them, but the grass hid them from view. However, it also meant they couldn’t see her, either. The gunfire stopped as they seemed to start looking for her. Just then, Tiffany shrieked, “Don’t be a chicken, Veronica! Come on out if you’re so great! You-”

By tracking the direction of Tiffany’s voice, Veronica pinpointed the location and fired the gun. She only had two bullets in the gun, so she couldn’t afford to waste them.

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