Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 916

“That’s what I was going to say.” Skyler grinned at Veronica and stuck his thumb up. “Not bad. I underestimated you.”  He used to think that Veronica was an average woman who wasn’t good enough for Matthew.

Now, he realized how shallow his assessment of her had been. “Let’s take a detour upward,” Veronica said as she headed up the mountain to avoid the rocky plane.

Just then, an unusual commotion rang out. It sounded as if a group of people was clambering through the vegetation. The rustling sounds were very exceptionally easy to catch.

Veronica and Skyler glanced in the direction where the sounds came from and exchanged looks before breaking off into a run.

“Roni!” All of a sudden, Mateo shot out of nowhere. He stood in front of Veronica and waved her over. “Come with me.” He glanced at Skyler before swiftly withdrawing his gaze without saying anything.

Skyler knew who Mateo was, too, so he didn’t ask any questions. “Quick. They’re planning an ambush, Mateo pressed. Veronica nodded and turned to Skyler. “Let’s go.”

“Yeah,” Skyler replied. The trio began running up the mountain..

Dominik and Tiffany spotted everything from their position nearby, and Dominik said, “Your chance to seek vengeance is upon you. I will get someone to lure the two men away. I’ll leave the rest to you. Don’t let me down.”

Tiffany clenched her fists as she glared balefully at the three people who were running away. She nodded staunchly. “I won’t let you down.” Dominik patted her on the shoulder. “I can’t be seen. You go ahead.”

How could Prince Dominik of the hidden clan show up at a time like this? He made sure he could extract himself from the situation if necessary. If Tiffany failed, then the fact that he exposed himself would only bring him trouble.

“Alright.” Tiffany looked over at the man beside her. “Wait for me. I’ll bring you good news.” With that, she rushed off to chase after Veronica. It was as if she couldn’t wait to stab Veronica in the heart at once.

Once Tiffany was far enough, Dominik took out a bamboo whistle about the size of a thumb and blew it three times. It made the sound of a bird that didn’t seem at all suspicious in the forest.

After all, there were all kinds of birds up on the mountain. Everyone was numbed to the sound of bird calls. As soon as Dominik gave the signal, the people lying in wait for the ambush immediately went after Veronica.

Though, they didn’t go very far before they were stopped by the people Mateo arranged. Soon, the din of an intense fight could be heard. Even though they heard the sounds, the three didn’t stop running. Instead, they picked up speed.

Just then, yet another group of people started closing in on them. Mateo slowed down. “Roni, leave with Skyler. I’ll delay them.”

“Okay.” Veronica knew she was the target, so if she didn’t leave, she’d only drag Mateo into the mess. She looked at him with a complicated gaze. “Be careful.”

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me.” Mateo’s smile was bright and sunny, just like his personality. It was very healing to see.

“Let’s go, Skyler.” Veronica signaled Skyler with a look, and they quickly ran off. Although Mateo hung back to delay the enemy, a new group of people started closing in on the two soon after.

This time, Skyler chose to buy Veronica time. He passed her a key and something else. “When you get out of the mountain, keep walking north for about half a mile, and you’ll see a green SUV. It’s bulletproof. Once you leave, don’t look back.”

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