Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 914

Skyler patted his chest and promised. Still, Xavier’s gaze was clinging to Veronica. He didn’t want to leave her. His eyes were filled with complicated emotions-both love and longing.

With complete reluctance, he turned to leave, but after taking a few steps, he stopped and looked back at Veronica. “You must be careful, Xavier reminded worriedly. Veronica gave him a warm smile. “I will. You too.”

They looked at each other. Both harbored at myriad of emotions. Skyler couldn’t take it any longer. He took Veronica’s arm and hurried her. “We need to leave right away. It’s too dangerous here.”

If she keeps staring at Xavier any longer and gets bewitched by that dashing man…Matt’s going to be the one in real danger. He had to admit that Xavier was pretty attractive right now.

Even though he had a scar on his face, it looked like a mark of time that gave him an added touch of steadiness and melancholy. His cool, stoic face and muscular body made him look formidable, and even Skyler couldn’t resist taking a second look.

“Ouch… You pressed my wound!” Veronica yelped in pain and glared at Skyler before walking off with him. Once they were gone, two people stepped out from the trees nearby.

Dominik’s hands were in his pockets as his haughty gaze trailed after the two people who disappeared into the forest. ‘Here’s your chance for vengeance. Do you have the guts to kill her yourself?” Although the person beside him was dressed in a black tracksuit, the gentle breeze rustled the clothes and made her curves noticeable.

She pressed her cap further down her head as her eyes flashed murderously. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a very long time.” Dominik smirked. “Eat this, and I’ll help you kill her. Then, I’ll help you climb to the top, and we’ll get married.”

He passed a small box of medicine to Tiffany as he told her his plan. Tiffany slowly withdrew her gaze. She took the box from Dominik without hesitation. “You saved me from Crayson. My life is yours. I’m willing to sacrifice my life for you if it means Veronica dies, let alone eating this medicine.”

She thought she was doomed when Crayson took her away, but when she woke up, she was in a secret residence somewhere. It was then that she realized Dominik had saved her.

When everyone found out Tiffany went missing. they thought Crayson had taken her. No one knew that Dominik had saved her. Even Crayson hadn’t been able to unearth the truth yet. Dominik put his hand on her shoulder and smiled warmly. “What are you saying? Why would I let you die?”

He stroked Tiffany’s cheek with his finger as his eyes flashed cunningly. “In the future, not only. will you be my woman, but you’ll also be the head of the clan. As long as I’m around, I’ll keep you safe.”

Dominik was an expert in the art of manipulation and knew exactly how to use Tiffany’s weakness to his advantage. After finding out she was disdained by everyone and didn’t receive any warmth or gentleness from others, he gave her all the warmth and gentleness she craved. After learning that Veronica was the one whom she hated the most, he brought her to the mountain to let her kill Veronica herself. Why wouldn’t a woman like her submit to him?

“Come. Have some water.” Once Tiffany ate the medicine, Dominik took out a bottle of water and passed it to her. Tiffany drank a mouthful and said, “Let’s go.”

She couldn’t wait to kill Veronica.

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