Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 913

Veronica crouched on the ground and turned around before firing the gun four times. The gun could hold eight bullets. There were only two bullets left now.

Once she was done firing, she stood behind the tree and felt the way it shook from the bullets hitting it. Her heart squeezed even more tightly.

From the sounds she heard, she deduced that two of them had fallen. Thus, she took a step forward before leaping. into the bushes and scampering off.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Gunshots rang out once more.


Veronica had been running as fast as she could when a bullet hit her left arm. She gasped in pain, but she was too afraid to stop. “Quick! Go after her!” “She’s over there!”

“Hurry up!” Veronica didn’t know how many people were chasing after her. All she could do was grit her teeth and keep running as fast as she could. The forest was filled with all kinds of vegetation, including many that had thorns. Her face was smarting from the scratches.

“Over here, Roni!” All of a sudden, someone called out to Veronica. She saw Xavier running over to her. He grabbed her by the wrist. “Come with me!” “Why did you come back?”

Veronica stayed close behind Xavier as they ran like the wind. “After leaving, I passed by the place where we’d left Zac, and soon, I heard Liam calling for Nelson. I suspected that something was amiss about Nelson and was worried about you, so I came looking for you,” Xavier explained as he ran.

After entering the mountain, he kept his guard up against everyone, except for Antheena and. Veronica. “Do you have a death wish? It’ll be extremely dangerous for you if you stay with me!” Veronica chided.

“Stop talking and just run!” Xavier didn’t want to answer her question. They kept running without stopping for anything.

Just then, they heard yet another series of gunshots ringing out. This time, it sounded like two opposing parties firing at each other. Veronica and Xavier slowly came to a stop. They glanced behind them before looking at each other. “Roni?”

Skyler stepped out of the forest dressed in camouflage. He’d appeared so suddenly that Veronica swiftly aimed the gun at him, but once he came close, she finally recognized who it was. “Skyler? What are you doing here?”

Skyler glanced at Xavier before his eyes fell on Veronica’s left arm. The bullet had grazed her arm and left a wound, but it wasn’t serious.

“Matt arranged for me to enter the mountain ahead of time to protect you.” Skyler pointed behind them. “They’ve been dealt with, so your don’t need to worry.”

Veronica wasn’t worried about anyone else but Matthew. “What about Matt? D-Did something happen to him?” Skyler’s gaze turned grim as he shook his head dispiritedly. “I don’t know, but don’t you worry.

Matt’s one hell of a lucky guy. Nothing will happen to him.”

Despite being the one who said so, Skyler didn’t feel convinced either. Veronica didn’t press the subject. Instead, she asked Skyler, “Did you see Antheena?”

“A few hours ago. I saw her over there. She’s teamed up with Hendrey Johnson.” Skyler pointed east.

“Xavier…” Veronica turned to Xavier. “Thanks for all your help this whole time. Now that Skyler’s here, you don’t need to worry about me. Hurry up and find Antheena.”

Xavier had given her more than enough help, and no matter what, she owed him. She didn’t know how to repay him for all the times he saved her.

Xavier eyed Skyler before nodding. “Alright. I’m leaving her in your care, Skyler.” “Don’t worry. She’s Roni, my buddy’s wife. I’ll make sure she leaves the mountain safely, even if I have to die in the process.”

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