Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 912

“Are you trying to get into a debate with me over whether the chicken or the egg came first?” Veronica fired back. She was still trying to delay him. Just then, she noticed that Nelson seemed to be swaying a little. He even rubbed his eyes. “W-What… did you do to me-”

Bang! Nelson fell to the ground before he could finish speaking. As he fell, he fired the gun at Veronica. She leaped to the side to dodge the bullet. The gunshot echoed in the forest. “Phew…”

Veronica exhaled and walked over to Nelson. She took both her necklace and the gun away from him. The man was lying weakly on the ground, staring at her in disbelief.

She felt a little bad for him. After all, it was a life. She frowned and said, “If… you have any last wishes, you can tell me.”

Nelson’s hands were shaking. He tried to grab her but couldn’t muster enough strength to raise his hands at all, so he used the last of it to stammer, “I… I have a younger brother….. named Lionel Clove.”

‘Lionel Clove? Where’s he now?”

“Q-Queen Tanya…. has imprisoned him… If… I don’t… kill you, my younger brother… will die.” Blood began trickling out of Nelson’s nose. ‘I beg you… Please… save him.”

Veronica’s heart was heavy. She knew neither one of them bore a grudge against the other, but they both had things they had to do.

Nelson showed her enough kindness. She wouldn’t have been able to attack him if he hadn’t been compassionate enough to deliver a token of hers to someone else after her death.

“Alright. I promise.” Veronica took his hand. “In your next life, you should just be an ordinary person. You’re not cut out to be a killer.” He’s too kind for the job.

“It… hurts…. so much, P-Please… kill me…” By now, blood was beginning to gush out of Nelson’s mouth as well. His body was spasming as he stared at Veronica with a look of agony. “Kill me..”

While she didn’t know how much pain he was in, she had a pretty good guess when she saw how difficult it was for him to even speak. Tears rolled down his cheeks to join the streams of blood.

Crayson told Veronica it was a poisoned weapon, so she thought the poison would kill off the other person right away. However, not only did it not cause death, but it gave the person the most excruciating paint there was instead.

Pain that was worse than death. “P-Please… k-kill… me…”

Nelson’s body was still twitching in agony. His face was completely contorted in pain. Anyone who saw him could imagine just how torturous it had to be for him right now.

Even Veronica could almost feel the pain. herself. She pointed the gun at his neck and closed her eyes. “I’m sorry. I’ll… definitely save your brother.”

Bang! She fired as soon as she finished speaking. Then, she walked off without even looking. back. Her mind was filled with flashes of memories as she recalled everything that happened back at Dawnpol Village.

She’d followed Nelson up the mountain and got bitten by a snake. He could’ve killed her then, but he didn’t. Later on, when the flood happened, Nelson shoved her into the water, and she dragged him down with her. They’d been lucky enough to get back ashore. She then came down with a high fever and could barely lift a finger.

Nelson could’ve chosen to kill her then, but in the end, he simply tossed her into a cave and tended to her injuries. He even left her a dagger and a lighter before leaving.

Rustle. Veronica hadn’t gone very far when she heard rustling sounds of people brushing through the forest around her. Her chest tightened, and she immediately hid behind a large tree.

At the same time, six assassins swiftly appeared. Veronica tossed her bag out, and all at once. A barrage of gunshots echoed in her ears.

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