Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 911

All along, Veronica wondered why Tiffany was able to get a bunch of pros involved in all of the latter’s schemes to hurt her. At the time, she thought the Larsons were simply rich enough to afford it and willing to indulge in Tiffany’s actions.

However, based on what Nelson said, Floch and Rachel had secretly saved her before, which meant that they weren’t secretly helping Tiffany’s attempts to harm her.

Therefore, Tanya was most likely the one who enabled the majority of Tiffany’s constant scheming, which involved everything from causing a car accident to kidnapping and arson.

“That’s right.” Nelson nodded. “Are you done? If you don’t have any more questions, then it’s time for you to bid this world a final goodbye.” He raised the gun and pointed it at Veronica’s forehead to kill her off with a headshot.

“What’s your rush? I can’t escape anyway.” Veronica let out a deep sigh. “Before I die, can you help me with something?” She seemed unusually at peace with what was about to happen.

Nelson didn’t despise Veronica. In fact, during his time at Dawnpol Village, he admired her quite a bit. He was a hitman, and it was his job to attempt to kill her off again, but even so, he couldn’t help but feel an ounce of compassion for her.

“Go on.” “Help me give this to M… Iron Pillar.” Veronica took off the seven-figure necklace she had around her neck; it was the one from the auction back then.

“This necklace holds a special meaning to me. If you give it to Iron Pillar, he’ll know who it’s from. Just something for him to remember me by,” she said as she unclasped the necklace.

However, her every move made Nelson on edge. He was afraid she’d have some trick up her sleeve.

“Here you go…”

Veronica walked over to him with the necklace. ‘Don’t move!” Nelson took a step back as he eyed her warily. “Toss it over.” He didn’t dare to let her come near him. Who knows what kind of trick this sly and conniving woman might attempt this time?

“Sure. Whatever.”

Veronica shrugged helplessly and tossed the necklace over to him. It flew over, and Nelson reached out to catch it, but just as his eyes focused on the necklace, Veronica seized the chance to press a button on her watch to shoot a needle at him.

She moved quickly and saw the needle stabbing him in the chest. However, it seemed as if Nelson had been too tense and nervous that he didn’t realize he’d been stabbed with a needle.

Nevertheless, his attention fell back onto. Veronica. “What are you doing?” Veronica was startled. What’s going on?Didn’t Crayson say the needles were poisoned? Why didn’t it do anything?

“I’m… checking the time.” She pointed at her watch. “Since you’re going to kill me, I should at least know the time of death, right? Please inform my adoptive parents of my time of death.”

Her heart was pounding wildly. “Is that all you have to say? If you’re done, then turn around!” Nelson waved his gun in a circling motion. Veronica was speechless. What the hell?! shouldn’t have trusted Crayson!

She would’ve seized her chance earlier to stab Nelson with her dagger if she didn’t figure it was more reliable to kill him off with a single, deadly shot of the poisoned needle.

Well, she wasted that opportunity. She took her own sweet time to drag things out in the hope that she could find a chance to escape. “Nelson?” Veronica called out once more.

“What now?” The man was getting a little impatient. “How much did Tanya pay you? I’ll give you double,” she said. “I owe Queen Tanya my life. I’m sorry. I don’t have a choice.”

‘I’m the one who spared your life back at Dawnpol Village. How can you repay my kindness like this?” “I wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Queen Tanya, and everything else wouldn’t have happened either.” Therefore, Veronica’s act of mercy was only possible because Tanya had saved his life first.

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