Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 910

When Liam turned around, Nelson was nowhere to be seen. “What the heck?! Where’s he?” Liam was startled for a moment as he looked around. “Hello? Nelson? Nelson?” He called out a few times but didn’t get any response.

“Darn it! What happened? How’d we get separated so easily?” Liam stomped his foot in a huff and turned back. He planned on searching for Veronica and Xavier before meeting back up with Zac..

However, as he retraced his path, not only did he see no sign of Nelson, but he didn’t see Veronica or Xavier either. When he got back to the spot where the group had first split up, he found that even Zac had gone missing as well.

“What’s going on? Where’s everyone else?” Liam kicked a tree in anger. “I went through all that effort forming this group to enjoy the show, but you punks ditched me!”

Though it was true that he was just an aimless prince living an idle life, no one born into royalty and surrounded by the fight for power would be genuinely naive.

He knew that these people had their respective ulterior motives, so he came along to get a front-row seat to the show. Alas, he’d ended up separated from them.

“No fun!” Liam was pissed and no longer interested in heading into the mountain. After all, he wasn’t going to fight to become the head of the hidden clan, so there was no reason for him to try and come out on top. His only choice was to go home.

Meanwhile, Veronica and Xavier had only parted ways for less than 10 minutes when she heard rustling sounds coming from behind her.

She carried on walking anyway, but her hand. was clutching her dagger, and she threw furtive glances over her shoulder out of the corner of her eye.

Just as the person behind her was about to lunge at her, she whipped around and sidestepped the attack before kicking her assailant in the chest. “Ugh… the man groaned and stumbled backward while clutching his chest. They looked at each other.

Veronica’s hand tightened around her dagger as she eyed him. “Hey, old friend. How much longer do you intend on keeping the act up?” Her lips curved into a sneer.

“When did you find out?” Nelson was also clutching a dagger with one hand as he massaged his chest with the other.

“That doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that despite not having any kind of grudge between us, you tried to kill me twice at Dawnpol Village. Not only did I save you once, but I even let you off once as well. Why don’t you know how to be grateful?”

Veronica could still vividly recall the many things that happened at Dawnpol Village. She’d been too kind at the time and decided to let him off the hook, but she ended up setting herself up for trouble instead.

If she went back in time, she wouldn’t make the same choice. “I’m just doing my job. There’s nothing wrong with making a living. Even if I don’t kill you, someone else will.”

Nelson put his dagger away. “Since you spared my life back at Dawnpol Village, I can let you die a painless death.” He took out his gun and pointed it at her.

Veronica wasn’t startled at all. She cocked her eyebrows and shrugged with an indifferent. expression. “Since I’m going to die, why don’t you at least let me die enlightened? Are you working for Zac Francis or Tanya Ledger?”

There were certain things she wanted to get to the bottom of. “Queen Tanya.” Nelson didn’t hide it from her. “I didn’t die back at Dawnpol Village. Did Tanya not send anyone after me again?” Veronica was curious about this as well.

“Of course, she did. Not only was Crayson protecting you in secret, but even Floch Larson and his wife were as well. Later on, you became acquainted with Matthew Kings, and after that, he was the one who helped you most of the time. Nelson sighed. “If it weren’t for them, you’d be nothing more than a pile of bones now.”

“So, every time Tiffany Larson tried to harm me, Tanya was secretly lending a hand, right?”

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