Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 908

Two minutes later, six people appeared from different places and walked over to Zac. “Matthew Kings got injured, Your Highness.. Princess Eleanor took him away in a helicopter, Our plan fell through,’ one of them reported.

“How useless!” Zac glared murderously at the man who spoke and walked over to kick him. “What’s the point of keeping you around?!”

“Princess Eleanor kept following Matthew Kings the whole time, and her hidden guards were in the vicinity as well. We couldn’t find a suitable opportunity to make our move.” “Are you saying that she’s protecting Matthew?”

Zac found it suspicious. If Eleanor was trying to protect Matthew, it meant that she knew who he was. However, Zac couldn’t figure out how Matthew would be of any value to Eleanor.

“Yes,” the man replied. Zac came up the mountain because he wanted to witness Matthew’s death for himself before breaking the news to Veronica. He wanted to see her anguish and torment with his own two eyes.

However, he wasn’t going to get the chance to do that anymore. In that case, what was the point of sticking around any longer? “Kill Veronica Murphy!”

He stared down the mountain with a cold, menacing gaze as he announced darkly, “If she makes it out of here alive, you certainly won’t be.” “Yes, Your Highness!”

The men nodded at once. Zac got up and turned back. Someone would come and escort him out. The four people who went down the mountain seemed to be relaxed and enjoying each other’s. company, but every one of them harbored thoughts of their own..

Veronica was wary of both Zac and Nelson, so after mulling things over, she decided to leave them and head off alone to look for Matthew. She was going to leave now before Zac came over. It was safer for her if he didn’t know which path she’d taken.


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