Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 905

“Can you move me… to a sheltered spot? There’s nothing but rocks here. It hurts.” Eleanor turned to Matthew with a frail expression. The fact that he’d shown her genuine concern made her feel that everything had been worth it.

Matthew was exasperated, but once he was done with her bandage, he picked her up and walked over to the grassy area beneath a tree before setting her down on the ground. He checked his watch-it was already 2.00PM.

It’d been nearly a day since he lost contact with Veronica, and his heart was incredibly uneasy. “It’s getting late. I’m leaving. You can stay here by yourself,” Matthew said to Eleanor. “No! If you leave, then w-what about me?”

Eleanor was a little miffed. “I just saved you! How can you abandon me?” “Since your mother let you up the mountain, she would’ve sent people to secretly protect you. Don’t worry; you won’t die here.’ Matthew had already considered this.

“But there’s always a possibility. What if Hayley Elrod’s people came over to kill me? W-What’ll happen to me?” Eleanor cried out as she lay limp on the ground with an ashen face.

She had a point, but all Matthew could think about right now was Veronica. He had to find her.

After hesitating for a moment, he took off his watch and passed it to Eleanor. “There are six poisoned needles in this watch. If anyone comes close, all you need to do is press down on this button, and you’ll fire the poisoned. needle. You can use this to keep yourself safe.”

Crayson gave him this watch before he set off yesterday. Matthew pointed at the watch and explained, “Keep the button to adjust the time facing you. When you need to fire the poisoned needle, clench your fist and bend your wrist just a little. Make sure the opening is pointing at the enemy.”

To make it convenient when the need to fire the needle arose, the button to do so was situated on the inner side of the watch so it’d be facing the arm when worn.

These were the instructions Crayson emphasized when he gave the watch to Matthew. “Since you’re injured, don’t put it on. Just keep it in your hand.” Matthew stuffed the watch into Eleanor’s hand. “I’m leaving.”

He got up to leave. Eleanor never would’ve expected him to be this heartless. She was so aggravated that she bit her lip and pointed the opening of the watch at herself. “Y- You can’t leave, Master. If you leave now, I’ll… I’ press this button!”

Matthew came to a grinding halt. He whipped his head around and looked at her. “Have you gone mad?”

‘I’m not mad. I’m… I’m just scared. C-Can’t you stay here with me?” “No one here will dare to kill you, but Roni is in a lot of danger. I have to save her!” Veronica was the only one he cared about.

After everything Eleanor had put herself through with her scheming and pity ploys, she felt so aggrieved at the fact that he refused to show even the slightest bit of empathy for her even though she’d sacrificed so much. ‘I don’t care! If you… even take a single step further, I- will die right here in front of you!”

Just as Matthew said, if she died here, he wouldn’t be able to leave this mountain alive. Neither could Veronica!

“You’re too stubborn.”

Matthew-someone who didn’t have an ounce of consideration for other women-turned around and walked off.

He was certain that no one would dare to kill Eleanor, and he’d only given her the watch to let her feel more assured of her safety instead of being nervous and scared about staying there alone. Naturally, Matthew thought that Eleanor wouldn’t hurt herself.

“Matthew Kings, you… you are so heartless!” Eleanor propped her head against the tree trunk, and when she saw Matthew walking off without any hesitation, she raised her hand and pointed the watch at herself,

She didn’t want to die, so she pointed the opening at her shoulder before pressing down on the button…

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