Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 903

Matthew looked up when he heard Eleanor’s shriek, and he immediately saw the green snake on the ground. “Ouch…”

Eleanor was clutching her right hand with her left. Her brows were scrunched up in pain. “A knife! Give me a knife! The snake bit me.” The green snake struggled on the ground for a bit before slithering away into the bushes.

It was a snake with a triangular-shaped head, and the brighter its color was, the more poisonous it was. Matthew tensed up. He jumped to his feet and brought a blade over to Eleanor. “It’s a venomous snake. Do you have an antidote?” “That’s a septella snake, the most venomous kind in the hidden clan. It…”

She bit her lip and didn’t continue speaking. Instead, she sucked out a few mouthfuls of blood from her wrist and spat all of it out on the ground.

Matthew swiftly filled a bottle with water. “Rinse your mouth. Don’t do that to get the blood out. It’s too slow!” Eleanor hesitated for a moment. She looked at him with a complicated gaze before slowly taking a gulp of the water and rinsing her mouth. Matthew eyed the bite mark on her wrist with at frown. “Why did you want to save me?”

While speaking, he dragged her over to a rock before crouching next to her with a blade in hand. ‘It’s going to hurt, so bear with it.” Eleanor gritted her teeth and took a deep breath. “Go ahead.”

She began formulating the plan when she saw the snake this morning. Initially, she figured she wouldn’t have to take such a risk as long as she managed to make Matthew’s heart stir even the slightest bit for her.

Unfortunately for her, the man was loyal to Veronica, and no matter how she flirted with him, he didn’t budge at all. Eleanor had no choice but to resort to this crude trickery.

She’d gone all out just to get his attention. Matthew swiftly rolled up her sleeve and wrapped a bandage tightly around her arm to stop the blood from flowing. “Ouch! It hurts…”

He’d wrapped the tourniquet so tightly that Eleanor frowned in pain.

“It has to be tight, or else your life will be in danger if the venom spreads across the rest of your body. Matthew’s expression was grim as he moved decisively.

The sunlight filtered through the leaves and fell on him, giving him a soft glow that made him look even more handsome. Some said that a man looked most handsome when he was focused on something.

Although the man in front of Eleanor had a disguise on to make him look uglier, her head was filled with the pictures she saw of his cold, handsome face. She’d fallen completely head over heels after seeing his true visage in the bathroom when he took off his disguise the other day.

As a princess of the hidden clan, she’d bedded more men than she could count. She could get any man she wanted just by fluttering her eyelashes at him.

Matthew was the only exception. This man with a wife and kids had a heart of stone that made her crack her skull as she tried to find ways to seduce him. “If I die, it’d be exactly what you want, isn’t it- aah! It hurts…”

While Eleanor was talking, Matthew took the blade and cut it into her wrist. He cut a cross decisively, and before Eleanor could even react, the wound was completely open. Blood gushed out at once.

Matthew held her bleeding hand and brought her over to the stream. “Come and wash it.” Perhaps the venom had been a little stronger than expected. Eleanor was beginning to feel a little faint.

As they walked, she leaned her entire body. against Matthew. When her wrist made contact with the cool water, the pain seemed to spread all over her body. She clenched her jaw. Her body was trembling.

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