Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 902

Matthew’s brows creased as he threw her at displeased glare before snatching the bottle back from her. He stuffed it back into his bag. “You won’t die if you stop talking.”

Eleanor had alabaster skin and prominent features. Her soulful eyes, bright red lips, and ebony hair tied up in a bun made her look both adorable and alluring at the same time.

Her beauty could be compared to that of Aphrodite. Thus, she was confident that she could get any man she wanted. She was indeed gorgeous, and few could withstand her wiles.

Her elusive smile, graceful manner, and bewitching gaze tugged on the heartstring of men. However, no matter how beautiful she was, Matthew would never be attracted to her. “I’m so tired, Master. Can’t we take a rest?”

She grumbled, “It’s been four hours since we started walking this morning. I’m hungry! Can’t we rest for a while? There’s a saying in Bloomstead, right? Something about not working your mule to the bone, or you might work them to death. Literally.”

All along, Matthew had been feeling uneasy because he was worried about Veronica, but he couldn’t resist chuckling at Eleanor’s comment.

“Does your mother know you’re a mule?” he quipped in a rare display of being in a good mood. What mule? The saying is about a donkey. How did she turn it into a mule?

“Are you insulting me?! Hmph! My mother will cut your head off if she finds out!” Eleanor was genuinely exhausted. She sprained her ankle earlier, but it was all better now and didn’t even hurt anymore, but she was still tired.

They’d been walking uphill the whole time, and she’d used up too much energy. All she ate this morning was a few wild fruits, which weren’t enough to make up for the taxing journey thus far.

She grabbed Matthew by the wrist. “Let’s rest, Master. Please? Can we just rest for a while?” His footsteps came to a halt when he felt her hand latching onto him. His expression soured at once. He shot Eleanor a frosty glare. “Let go.”

It was just two words, but his tone was harsh and formidable. Even his gaze was enough to make Eleanor feel a little terrified. “Why’re you being so fierce?’ She pouted. “All I did was hold your hand. It’s not like you’d lose a finger.”

Even though she grumbled, she acquiesced and let go. However, she also rolled her eyes and huffed, “Hah! I wonder how a man like you made Veronica fall in love with you.”

Truth be told, Eleanor was envious of Veronica. She envied Veronica for being the sole beneficiary of Matthew’s love.

When Eleanor first saw Matthew, she was taken by his looks, but now, she was completely bewitched by his cold and aloof side that seemed so charming to her.

Her desire to make him submit to her intensified. It filled every crevice of her mind. and body. She couldn’t control the feeling. “We can take a short rest over there.”

Matthew pointed at the stream just up ahead of them. The trickling sound of water was music to the ears. Eleanor’s eyes lit up at once. She scampered over right away and got down to drink some water before washing her face.

After sitting down on a rock and resting for a while, she finally regained her strength. She looked up at the mountain, but her eyes were drawn to a knobby tree. One of the branches was right behind Matthew.

Meanwhile, Matthew had retrieved a map from somewhere and was studying it carefully. Eleanor’s brows twitched as she slowly walked over to him.

“Watch out!” She threw herself at him and slapped the branch behind him before tossing out a green. snake.

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