Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 901

Matthew, who was walking up ahead, stopped when he heard the sounds. He turned around and saw Eleanor stumbling down the slope. She rolled five or six times before her massive bag blocked her from rolling any further.

“Aah! T-That was scary!” Eleanor remained on the ground as she looked up at the haughty man standing further up. He had his arms crossed as he surveyed her with an indifferent expression.

She stretched her pale arm out and waved at him. “It hurts so much, Master. I can’t get up. Come and help me.”

“You can still scream and move just fine, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you.” He then checked his watch. “I’m giving you one minute to come back up here, or I’m leaving without you.”

Matthew had no patience for any woman. besides Veronica. His response nearly made Eleanor forget that she was trying to put on a pitiful act. Shel almost jumped to her feet at once.

However, to make her act seem more believable, she did her best to plead, “Oh, no! Master, my ankle… My ankle got twisted! It really hurts. Can you come down and help me up?”

“You have 40 seconds left. Are you sure you’re not coming?” Matthew didn’t move at all. He had no intention of helping her. “My ankle hurts so badly… Boohoo, you’re too heartless, Master…” Eleanor cried in anger and grievance.

How can there be a man who doesn’t fall in love with me?!How despicable!

“If you don’t wish to leave, then go right ahead and stay there. It’ll save me a lot of trouble if you die. Matthew did not have the patience to stick around and wait for her.

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and carried on walking. He didn’t even hesitate or turn back to check on her. He walked away without a care in the world.

Eleanor was speechless. ‘H-Hey! Master! Master! Don’t go. Wait for me!” She scrambled off the ground and kicked the boulder by her feet, but she’d done it with so much force that she ended up spraining her ankle for real.

“Ouch! It hurts so bad!” Eleanor was in so much pain that she had to grit her teeth and stand on one foot as she gently rocked the other in the air.

Though Matthew heard her cries, he assumed she was simply putting on an act, so he didn’t stop walking or slow down either. “Wait for me-ouch! Wait for me…”

Eleanor was filled with indescribable anger, but she hobbled after Matthew anyway.

“Matthew Kings, you b*stard!” she screamed after him. “You better not end up in my hands. I’m warning you; if you ever lose to me, I’ll make you my plaything and lock you up, and then I’ll ignore you for the rest of your life so that you know what it’s like to be ignored by me. I’ll let you know what it means to pine for me… Ouch! Ugh, my ankle is killing me!”

The man in the distance finally realized she wasn’t lying this time, and even though he didn’t turn around, he did slow down his pace. “That day won’t come!” he replied. “Hmph! I’ve never failed to get the man I want.”

Eleanor sped up to chase Matthew down. She was infuriated by him. The two carried on their journey. Both mountains were huge. Mount Manos, which was in front of them, had blocked Mount Gazette from view.

It would take around two days to cross both mountains and even longer to get to the peak of Mount Gazette.

Time was running out, and Matthew couldn’t afford to waste any of it. Not only did he have to find Veronica, but he even had to help her win the top spot, so he had a lot on his shoulders.

“I’m so thirsty, Master. I ran out of water. Do you still have any?’ Eleanor was like a spoiled princess, pouting coquettishly with Matthew all she wanted. He was irritated by her constant chatter, so he turned around to eye her..

He was about to reject her, but after seeing how pale and sweaty she was, he passed his bottle to her. “Take it.” She thirstily took a mouthful before waving the bottle in the air and giggling. “Master, does this count as an indirect kiss between us?”

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