Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 870

Chapter 870 Being Alienated

“Sure, sure. You’re being too polite, Mr. Johnson.” Tanya nodded, giving people the illusion that she was friendly. Hendrey then addressed Dominik, Eleanor, and Liam one by one. “Prince Dominik, Princess Eleanor, and Prince Liam, I’ll depart first.”

“Take care, Mr. Johnson. We’ll be in touch,” Dominik replied chivalrously as he stepped forward. The moment Hendrey left, the soldiers guarding the entrance supported Tiffany in their arms and departed together.

Tanya placed her hands behind her back and looked in the direction of Zac’s bedroom with narrowed eyes. “Tell me, who would dare to attack Zac?”

Liam placed the seeds he was having on the table and clapped as he rose to his full height. He brushed the seeds off his clothes while saying, “What else is there to say? It’s a fact that he’s injured. I think it’s just a waste of my time to think who his assailant might be.”

He pulled off the role of a playboy to the fullest. Then, under the gaze of those three people, he swaggered off.

Tanya was deeply dismayed. Of all the sons that she had, only Liam left her the most disappointed. Dominik shook his head. “It’s such a weird matter. Could this be related to Madam Hayley?”

There was a look of contempt in Eleanor’s eyes as she also shook her head. “Mom, aren’t you putting me in a difficult position? I also have no idea who it is, but it has to be Prince Zac’s enemy. Maybe Veronica sent someone to avenge him, but Zac couldn’t produce the evidence, so he could only suffer in silence.”

Eleanor was missing Matthew and didn’t want to stay for any minute longer, so she gave Tanya and Dominik a wave. “Bro, Mom, I’ll make a move first. Bye.”

With that, she bounced off.

While looking at Eleanor’s retreating figure, Tanya shook her head and sighed deeply. “Oh, Dom, just look at your sister. She still has such immature behavior, so how am I to feel assured? In the future, you have to take good care of her, alright?”

As Dominik stood behind Tanya, his handsome face changed from calm and elegant to icy cold. He had a fierce gaze, but he respectfully agreed to her request. “You worry too much, Mom. This is what I should do. You’re right; we should be sharing the hidden clan’s burdens, yes?”

Meanwhile, at the parking lot, Xavier told Antheena, “Wait for me in the car first. I have some things to settle with Veronica.” Antheena frowned as her displeasure was reflected in her eyes, but it was not obvious to anyone else.

After all, it took her so much effort to be close to Xavier, so she didn’t want him to give her the cold shoulder just because she was ‘ignorant’.

“Okay.” Then, she entered the car and slammed the door shut. Veronica and Matthew were approaching Xavier from behind.

It was only when they stopped in front of him that she apologized, “I’m sorry that you felt wronged.”

She felt ashamed about this matter because Xavier was innocent, but others were not aware that she was a very straightforward and honest person. “What’s up? Are you so cowardly that you can’t stand up for yourself?”

Xavier ignored Veronica and directed his question to Matthew with disdain. “If you wish to think so, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Matthew wanted to reveal his identity so badly, but she stopped him from doing so and advised him not to be rash. Although Matthew felt helpless, he could only adhere to her wishes.

Xavier snorted. “Pathetic.” His lips curled upward into a sarcastic smile as he mocked, “Veronica, is this the type of man you fancy?” He used to affectionately address her as “Roni”.

However, after what had happened yesterday, the close relationship between Xavier and Veronica had undergone a big change. His attitude and tone toward her became much more indifferent.

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