Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 869

Chapter 869 A Disgusted Look

“Investigate it, even if you have to dig three feet underground. I want to see who has the nerve to kill me!” Zac’s eyes were red with anger as he turned around without saying anything else.

Veronica ignored the injured Tiffany and made her way in front of Xavier and Antheena. Then, she addressed Tanya, “Queen Tanya, don’t you think you owe them an explanation about Zac’s injuries?”

Tanya was the one who captured Xavier and swore that he was guilty, so she needed to explain his involvement in the matter. Eleanor shot Veronica a pleading look. It was as if to say, Please have some self-awareness. Your husband is the culprit and yet, you are holding my mother accountable?

Veronica deliberately turned a blind eye to Eleanor. “Hahaha…”

Tanya rose to her full height and went to the soldiers guarding the door to unlock the handcuffs and shackles of Antheena and Xavier.

She removed the handcuffs and shackles and they rattled upon dropping to the floor. Antheena and Xavier shook their wrists. Even though Antheena looked at Veronica with an indecipherable look, she said nothing in the end.

She had no idea how the situation unfolded, so she naturally wouldn’t know how Zac was injured last night. As a result, she thought that Veronica standing up for them was an act of kindness.

Antheena had a mixture of jealousy and admiration for Veronica because the latter was so perfect that the female population was jealous of her.

“Mr. Crawford, Miss Antheena, what happened today was a result of my negligence. It’s indeed my fault. I do hope that you’ll understand the situation from my point of view. Zac was the one who said that Mr. Crawford was the mastermind, so I could only capture him as a result. No matter what, as the head of the clan, I’m also at fault.”

Tanya bowed to them as her way of apologizing. “Please accept my apologies.”

Then, she straightened her body and added, “I’ll treat you two to a meal later. Wait, there’s Miss Murphy as well. Please come over to the palace for a banquet where I’ll personally host you. It’s also a token from the bottom of my heart. As for the compensation, I’ll send someone to your residence and bring you over to the banquet.”

At that, Tanya turned and looked at Dominik. “Dom, you should tidy up your place immediately so that Mr. Crawford and his wife have a place to stay. After all, they are our guests, so we can’t neglect them.”

“Yes, Mom.” Dominik nodded slightly. “Queen Tanya, I accept your invitation. Thank you,” Xavier responded and left after thanking Tanya.

Antheena did not say anything, but she only felt aggrieved as she left with him. Veronica gave Tanya a slight nod. “Queen Tanya, I’ll have to trouble you, then. I’ll make a move now.” She glanced at Matthew and signaled him with her gaze, after which she left.

Liam was as quiet as a mouse throughout the interaction. In the end, there was disgust on his face as he peered at Tiffany. Pfft! You two are sisters, so how can you girls have such different personalities?

He withdrew his gaze and turned to watch Veronica’s back as she left. The scene of her being a heroine resurfaced in his mind as he felt himself admiring Veronica even more.

No wonder Zac would want to lay his hands on Veronica. Who wouldn’t have the hots for such a woman? It’s such a pity. Liam initially fancied Veronica but now that he knew she was an extraordinary person, he immediately stopped that train of thought.

Meanwhile, Hendrey glanced at the unconscious Tiffany on the floor and felt that she was so hopeless that no amount of teaching would change her.

With a frown, he gave Tanya a bow and muttered, “Queen Tanya, I’ll make my move first. Please send over some people to take her to my residence. Would that be alright?” Since Hendrey had already expressed his wishes, Tanya did not see any reason to reject him.

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