Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 868

Chapter 868 The Revelation

Veronica’s lips curled into a cold smile as she explained, “I was worried that your enemies would take revenge on you and you wouldn’t be able to locate the mastermind.

That was why I used Xavier as the scapegoat to avenge what you did to him yesterday at the Elysium Hotel. She had initially planned to reveal their identities before rescuing Xavier.

However, Matthew had contacted folks from One Piece Restaurant earlier that morning and asked them to investigate the surveillance footage from the Caritas Hotel. They found not only the footage from the entrance and exit of the hotel lobby but of the corridor as well.

The video was a piece of good evidence to expose Veronica and Xavier. In other words, Matthew did not need to reveal his identity to exonerate Xavier from the alleged crime.

Since the matter had happened like that, there was not much they needed to do anymore. “How did it become like this?”

“Who attacked Prince Zac yesterday?” “Beats me.” “It seems that Xavier is an innocent party all along.” “Who said he wasn’t?”

The people who were present started to engage in whispered discussion.

Only Tiffany clenched her fist and spoke to Veronica mystically, “Veronica, you know that Xavier is married, but you still looked for him in the wee hours of the morning. As a woman, you should have some self-respect.”

She was deliberately trying to fan the flames to incite Antheena’s jealousy of Veronica. It was Tiffany’s way of using Antheena to deal with Veronica and fulfill her long-cherished wish. Veronica lazily looked up and curled her red lips before she slowly approached Tiffany.

Veronica’s sharp gaze on her was enough to scare the lights out of Tiffany, who retreated two steps in fear. “I’m telling the truth, so why do you have to glare at me? Is it because you don’t want others to know the truth?”

“Alright. What else do you want to add? I’ll listen,” Veronica stated calmly.

Tiffany figured that Veronica would not dare to lay a hand on her in public, so she replied arrogantly, “I am your sister, so what I have said is all for your good. Although your husband is gone, it’s understandable for you to seek love elsewhere. Xavier is a married man, though. You should keep your distance from him, otherwise…”

She trailed off and did not voice out the rest of her words.

“Otherwise what?” Veronica’s bright eyes were so clear that it was impossible to see that there were traces of anger hidden in them.

“Otherwise, where does that leave Antheena? How about Madam Hayley? If news of this gets out, people will spread rumors about it.”

“Oh, really? What will they say?”

“T-They will say unkind words. For example, they would say that you are a widow trying to seduce a married man and you are imprudent. Y—ah!”

Before Tiffany could even finish her words, Veronica had already raised her hand to slap Tiffany hard. Although it was merely a slap, the impact contained so much force that Tiffany collapsed to the floor as a result.

When she fell, she knocked her head on the ground with a muffled bang. The scream caused everyone’s gaze to fall on her as they realized that she was bleeding from the corner of her mouth and even her ears started to bleed.

Thanks to Veronica’s slap, there was an imprint of her hand on Tiffany’s fair cheek, which began to swell noticeably. “Tiffany Larson, if you want to die, just say the word and I’ll help to fulfill your wish!” Veronica’s lips parted slightly as she growled and radiated a murderous aura.

She had never hated a person so much in her life. Tiffany Larson? Yeah, she’s the only one whom I hate the most. “Scram! All of you, just get the f*ck out!”

Since Zac couldn’t locate the real mastermind and Eleanor had exposed the horrible things that he did to Veronica, he felt utterly embarrassed.

Now that Veronica had a big fight with Tiffany, no one would have bothered about his feelings. As all of his anger and humiliation rose in that second, he was so irked that he flipped the table.

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