Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 867

Chapter 867 Show the Proof

Tiffany decided to make matters worse by adding fuel to the fire. Antheena was in pain as she laughed at herself without knowing what to say.

“What else is there to say, Xavier?” Dominik finally asked after being silent the whole time. On the other hand, an elated Liam, who was beside him, silently observed the situation as it developed while he snacked on some seeds.

Xavier looked at Matthew with a ruminating gaze as the corners of his lips curled upward. “I’m not as good as the others, so I have nothing to say.”

That phrase of ‘I’m not as good as the others, so I have nothing to say’ caused everyone to ponder on it. “I just want to know when Zac was injured.” When everyone thought the matter had been settled, Veronica broke the silence.

Tanya responded, “The incident happened at about 2.30AM. After the suspect hurt the prince, he was apprehended by the bodyguards and put up a fight for close to half an hour, so I’d say Zac was injured at about 2.30AM to 3.00AM.”

“Why are you asking?” Tiffany sneered. “Are you trying to excuse Xavier from his responsibilities? She hated Veronica so much that she would use every opportunity to target Veronica.

Veronica was not in the mood to reply to Tiffany, so she pulled out her cell phone and said, “At 2.30AM, I happened to swing by the Caritas Hotel, which is where Xavier is staying. I even stayed there for ten minutes. The timing seems to clash, so I can prove that Xavier has nothing to do with Zac’s injury.”

At that, everyone cast strange glances at her. “You went to look for Xavier in the wee hours of the morning?!” “Didn’t Xavier say that he was with his wife?”

“My gosh, Veronica. Are you willing to sacrifice your reputation for Xavier’s sake?” “Veronica, why did you look for Xavier at that goddamn hour?”

“What relationship are you guys in?”  Everyone was curious about why Veronica would look for Xavier in the wee hours of the morning.

Bang! Zac suddenly rose to his full height and pointed at Veronica while angrily demanding, “Bullsh*t! You want to absolve Xavier from his responsibility? I’ll have you know that I’ll end his life today!”

With that, he reached out and snatched the gun from the table before shooting Xavier. Veronica and Xavier were standing close to each other.

At that critical moment, she stepped forward and tried to yank him aside, but she was a moment too late because…

Matthew had moved faster than her and shoved Xavier to one side.

Pow! The sound of a gunshot rang out as the bullet whizzed in their direction, but it missed its target and landed in the tree in the yard instead.

The tree leaves swayed as the bullet landed on the tree. “Zac, stop it!”

An exasperated Veronica yelled when she saw that he was about to make a move, but something flew out of her hand and landed on his right hand. It caused his wrist to hurt all of a sudden and the gun that he held fell as a result.

Many people were stunned by how fast she made her move. The Ledgers were especially surprised as they stared at her in amazement.

Xavier, who was pushed to the side, stood still as he suspiciously glanced at Matthew before turning to Veronica. He had a complicated yet heavy feeling at this very moment.

If he had to be honest, Xavier was heartbroken by what she did last night. At this moment, Veronica did not hesitate to attack Zac if it meant protecting Xavier. Such an action had left Xavier feeling a little moved.

“Prince Zac, what are you in a rush for? Didn’t I mention it before? I have video proof that I went to look for Zac last night!” The cell phone that Veronica held started to play the surveillance footage.

“Here is the surveillance footage from the hotel. The truth speaks for itself from the moment I entered the lobby to the time when I spoke with Xavier in the corridor. Both the witness and material evidence can provide Xavier with an alibi, so what right do you have to say that Xavier is the mastermind?”

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