Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 855

Chapter 855 Xavier Is in Trouble

“I know. You went to look for Zac.” As Veronica faced Matthew with her back, she wrapped his injured hand in her palms and didn’t dare move around because she might hurt him.

“You met Xavier.” Judging from her response, Matthew made a clever guess. Before Matthew left, she kept pleading for Xavier, but she was sure he had gone for Zac instead. Her behavior showed that either she looked for Xavier or dropped him a line.

“I’m sorry. I was too narrow-minded and misunderstood you.” Since she was at fault, she wanted to admit it. She knew that she had misunderstood Matthew and should apologize to him for it.

“It’s okay.” He landed a kiss on her head. “Xavier saved your life, so I won’t kill him, but…” He paused for a moment. “If he keeps coming at me looking for death, I hope you won’t blame me for it.”

“Okay,” she answered resignedly. Their relationship was like a deadlock. Hence, it would be better for her not to be involved. At his moment, Matthew realized that Veronica was not in a good mood, and he could roughly guess why. “Let’s sleep. It’s late already.”

They embraced each other to fall asleep, but with so many thoughts in their minds, they could only fall asleep after a long time.

After a while, the sky started to brighten up from the east. When Veronica opened her eyes, Matthew wasn’t beside her anymore. So, she turned around and continued to sleep.

Thud, thud, thud… Sometime later, the loud pounding on the door woke her up.

So, she sat up from the bed sluggishly. “Stop knocking.”

After she stood up, she slopped about in her slippers and went to the door. As soon as she opened it, she glared at Mateo at the door with a frown. “Why did you knock non-stop? Are you crazy?” With the wine that she drank and insufficient sleep, she just felt heavy-headed.

“Hehehe. I was just afraid that you died in your sleep.” Mateo giggled. Then, a spark shone in his eyes as he said, “Oh, right. I have big news. I received this news just now, saying that Zac’s left hand was cut off last night. I heard that the suspect is Xavier and Zac had him arrested.”

“Zac’s hand was cut off?” Veronica was in shock.

“Yes. Xavier did it. I also heard that he even gave Zac a beating yesterday. Probably because Zac was eyeing his wife.” Mateo wasn’t sure about what happened last night, and everything he knew was just hearsay. In the end, he told Veronica this false information.

“Xavier is captured?”

Matthew came back with injuries last night. It was obvious that he went to look for Zac, but after seeing that he was fine and thinking that Matthew would fear Zac’s status, she thought that he probably just taught Zac a lesson. It was out of her expectation that he would cut Zac’s left hand off.

Yet, Zac thought that the person who amputated his hand was Xavier and even captured him.

“Yes. He’s captured.” Mateo nodded.

Within seconds, he noticed that something was not right with Veronica’s expression, so he asked with concern, “Are you alright, Roni? You look slightly off.”

“I-I’m fine.” She waved her hand at him. “Let me get changed.”

As she said that, she turned around to return to her room. After closing the door, she changed her clothes while thinking about Zac’s case.

Before long, she had changed her clothes and gone downstairs after washing up.

Meanwhile, the others were already seated at the dining table with the usual breakfast prepared by Matthew.

Veronica walked over and sat down beside Matthew. Then, she looked at him with a profound gaze before telling Crayson, “I told you yesterday to change a chef. Don’t forget about it.”

“Oh, Roni. Why do you feel so sorry for Iron Pillar?” Mateo pouted. “If we were to talk about rank, you should be addressing me as your master. I’ve been teaching you every day, after all. So, I’m the one whom you should feel sorry for.”

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