Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 854

Chapter 854 He’s Hurt

“You don’t want to see any of us get hurt? Or do you just not want to see him get hurt?” Xavier asked Veronica in an indifferent tone.

“He is my husband and the father of my two children, and you are my friend.” She shook her head. “If I knew things would turn out this way, I wouldn’t have befriended you.” If it wasn’t for her, everything after that wouldn’t have happened.

“You’ve made your choice to help Melissa get her revenge no matter what. I won’t disagree with that, but you should get this one point straight. Her death is not directly associated with Matt. If you really want to talk about the cause, Melissa brought this on herself.” Then, she sighed deeply before saying, “Take care.”

After that, she turned around resignedly and didn’t turn around anymore. Meanwhile, Xavier stood at the same spot and looked at Veronica from the back while clenching his fists in his pockets. Instantly, a painful look took over his good-looking face.

If I knew things would turn out this way, I wouldn’t have befriended you. He knew that she was in a difficult position between the two of them, but he needed to get his revenge for Melissa’s death. “If you need a person to pay for it when he’s dead.” His expression turned upset. “I will give myself to you.”

Having a broken family, being homeless, and having the love of his life marry his enemy, he was experiencing all kinds of tragedies in this world. Yet, the only thing that was keeping him alive was the idea of eliminating Matthew.

When Matthew ‘died’, he thought that he had gotten rid of his pain, so he started to worry about Veronica, who was coming to the hidden clan. In the end, he followed her, but he didn’t know that Matthew’s death was just a part of their plan.

Xavier turned around to return to his room and walked to the window. Then, he watched as she left the hotel on her ride. The moment she left, he felt as though a part of his body was taken from him. That pain spread all over his body, and even breathing became a difficult task.

After Veronica left in her car, she still couldn’t reach Matthew, so she could only return to the Mountainside Gardens.

Since she didn’t feel like sleeping at all, she took two bottles of wine and a glass from the wine rack and went upstairs. As she sat in the bedroom, she turned on the television but couldn’t understand what was playing on it since she didn’t put on the micro translation earbuds.

Of course, she wasn’t interested in the TV series as well, as she was drinking the wine one glass after another. When the wine entered her throat, she could feel a mild burn, followed by sweetness, but she was extremely bitter deep down.

I’m confident about convincing Matthew to spare Xavier, but if Xavier tries to kill Matthew again and again, will Matthew be kind enough to keep forgiving him? That’s impossible.

After three glasses of wine, she was getting a little tipsy. Just then, a slight noise came from the window. She raised her head to look in that direction and saw that Matthew was jumping into the room.

He had removed his makeup and was wearing casual gray pajamas with a white bandage wrapped around his hand.

“Why are you not asleep?” He knitted his brows slightly when he walked over and saw the empty wine bottle on the table. “Why did you drink so much wine at such a late hour?”

Veronica’s face was blushing after drinking. She tilted her head and looked at him. “I’m waiting for you.” After saying that, she pulled his bandaged hand to herself. “Are you hurt?”

Just by seeing that, she knew that his hand should be severely injured since. For a person like him, who was always on a knife edge, he would ignore those minor injuries and wouldn’t wrap them up with a bandage.

“It’s nothing.” He was gentle as usual as he held her hand. “I’m tired. Let’s go to bed.”

“Okay.” She didn’t ask anything and just lay on the bed with him.

This night, they just embraced each other quietly and weren’t as passionate as they were previously during their amorous nights.

“Why didn’t you ask me where I’ve been?” As he hugged her, he was waiting for her to ask, but she didn’t do so.

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