Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 853

Chapter 853 Held the Grudge for Too Long

From Xavier’s look, it was obvious that he had just woken up. Only then did Veronica know that Matthew didn’t look for him.

“Um… I…” she stammered and tried her best to think of a reason. In the end, she lied. “I couldn’t sleep, so I wanted to call you to thank you, but your phone couldn’t be reached. I thought you were in danger, so I came here to check on you.” She still didn’t mention anything about Matthew.

With his hand on the door handle, he recalled everything that had happened a few hours ago with a clear mind. Suddenly, his gaze turned dark, and he demanded coldly, “Are you saying a liar will care about me? Haha. Am I supposed to thank you?”

Suddenly, he estranged himself from her because of Matthew’s fake death and all the lies she told him.

“Xavier…” She whispered his name and raised her head to look at him. The moment she looked him in the eyes, she could feel the iciness emanating from them. After just a glance, she lowered her head in guilt. “I know I lied to you, but you and Matt hate each other. I knew what we wanted, so the only thing I could do was hide it from you.”

“Are you done?” Xavier was not moved at all. “Please leave if you’re done.”

Despite his request for her to leave, she didn’t turn around to leave but lifted her head and asked with anticipation, “Can you and Matt drop your grudges for each other?”

If they kept treating each other as enemies, they would get hurt eventually, and no matter who got hurt, it was not what Veronica wanted to see. Everything would be sorted out if she could figure out a way to resolve Xavier and Matthew’s relationship.

“Drop my grudges?” He raised his voice because he couldn’t control his emotions. After saying that, he turned around to look in the direction of the bedroom before walking out and softly closing the door.

As he stood in front of Veronica, he put both his hands in the pockets of the bathrobe and stared at her. “Listen properly, Veronica…” Then, he said every word firmly, “In this life of mine, either I die, or he dies.”

Some things were difficult for him to say, but even when he didn’t, she knew about his tragic past and his sister, Melissa’s death.

“There’s a question that I want to ask. Are we still friends?” she asked him calmly.

This sudden question brought Xavier into silence. After a few seconds, he parted his lips and answered, “A few hours ago, we were, but now, not anymore.”

Not anymore? Disappointment flashed in her eyes, and all her memories with him came into her mind.

From the moment they met at the Twilight Club, this childe didn’t despise her ‘ugly’ look after she dressed up, and then he found out her identity and pretended to be her boyfriend in front of her stepmother, right until he and Matthew came to save her in Mount Chillad. All these scenes were like a movie running through her mind.

At first, Veronica admired him, and they became good friends eventually. After that, because of those things that Melissa did that provoked Matthew, he started taking revenge on the Crawfords and Xavier kidnapped Veronica… In the end, they became enemies.

Veronica thought she would hate Xavier for the rest of her life, but who knew that he would risk his life to block Antheena’s bullet coming at her during her wedding at Primrose Hill? That bullet was an inch away from killing him at that time.

It was also during that day when she dropped all the grudges that she had for him.

After interacting with Xavier a few more times, she found that he had changed. His character had changed, and he treated her with respect. She even thought that he was a nice friend to have. However, they held grudges against each other for too long, making them irreconcilable. So, she could only make a choice.

“Got it.” Veronica nodded and looked down to hide the disappointment in her eyes before turning around to leave.

After taking two steps forward, she stopped and turned around gradually. “You are no match for Matt, Xavier. I know Melissa’s death has been a pain in your heart, but I believe that she wants you to be happy. As for me, I don’t want to see any of you get hurt.”

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