Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 824

Chapter 824 Eleanor Came Again

As such, Skyler only said, “Okay.” He then closed the door behind Shirley and walked to his bedroom with her following slowly.

The bedroom was huge, and it had a six-foot-long bed with white sheets on it, making it look clean and neat. Shirley pointed at the sofa and asked timidly, “C-Can I sleep on the sofa?”

Skyler sat on the bed before taking off his t-shirt, which shocked Shirley. “W-What are you doing? Skyler, don’t cross the line!” As she said that, he had already taken his shirt off, revealing his striated muscles.

Given Skyler’s build, his muscles were only visible after he took his clothes off. With a charming look and a playful smile, he could charm anyone he wanted to with ease.

Holding the t-shirt in his hand, Skyler announced, “I’m going to sleep. Why are you still wearing your shirt?” He then looked at her chest and said, “Oh, we’re different.” He then pointed at his proud chest and shrugged, smiling mischievously.

Skyler lay on his side, propped his head up with his arm, then suggested, “The couch isn’t comfortable to sleep on. Why don’t you sleep on the bed instead? I promise I won’t do anything. Besides, with this being a six-foot-long bed, it’s more than enough to accommodate both of us.”

His words were sincere, for he did not have any ulterior motives. Looking at the sofa, Shirley thought that although it was not as big as the one in the living room, it could still fit her.

“It’s alright, I’ll just sleep here.” She then walked to the door. “I’ll bring my blanket over.” Seeing how helpless she was caused Skyler to smile as he thought it was the correct decision to bring her to the hidden clan as well.

Given how crafty Brennan—that old fox—is, she’ll be spinning in the palm of his hands in no time if she stayed in Bloomstead.

Just as he was thinking about this, he heard the door shut. It was Shirley coming back with her blanket in hand. Not wanting her to be so cautious, Skyler lay down with his back facing the sofa and slept.

Shirley noticed that Skyler wasn’t moving when she entered the room, so she assumed that he had fallen asleep. As such, she tiptoed to the sofa and covered it with the blanket before shutting the lights off and going to sleep.

After Veronica and Matthew left the restaurant, they returned to Mountainside Gardens. Inside the building, the lights were still on, and the sound of people chatting could be faintly heard.

The two stopped in their tracks upon hearing this and exchanged glances before walking inside. “Oh my, Roni, you’re finally back. If you had returned any later, Grandpa was going to tell people to capture… I mean, find you.”

Mateo, who was pacing in the living room, heard the footsteps and looked up to see that Veronica had returned with ‘Iron Pillar’. “It’s only been half a day since I went out, yet he wants to capture me already?” Veronica remarked with a snort.

“Hahaha, you jest. It was just a slip of the tongue.” Mateo shook his head and pointed at Crayson, who was sitting on the sofa. “Grandpa was waiting for you since he had something to discuss. Today, Eleanor swung by, saying that she wanted to look for you and Iron Pillar.”

While sitting on the sofa, Crayson was wearing a loose green shirt with a pipe in his hand. Meanwhile, his legs were crossed.

Coupled with his tan skin, his face became even more solemn due to his anger. “Hmph, it turns out you still remember your way home, huh?” Crayson glanced at her and snorted.

Veronica waved at Matthew. “It’s been a long day for you, Iron Pillar. Go upstairs and rest up. I’m going to have a word with Crayson now.” “Understood, Miss.”

Matthew nodded and went upstairs. Veronica then walked to the couch and sat across from Crayson. “Why did Eleanor come to look for me today?”

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