Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 823

Chapter 823 Scaredy Cat

He had disappeared on the day of the wedding, so nobody had the chance to remind Skyler about it. In the end, he still addressed her as ‘Roni’.

“I’ve been calling her Roni for more than two years. It’s sort of become a habit by now, hahaha…” While laughing about it, Skyler still corrected himself on account of Matthew. “Goodbye, Veronica.”

Holding her laughter in, Veronica waved her hand. “Alright, go and rest up. We’ll get going now.” “Goodbye, Miss Veronica.”

“Goodbye, Roni, Matt.” In the end, Skyler still did not change how he addressed Veronica. Matthew held Veronica’s hand and went downstairs, not bothering to correct Skyler this time.

There were rules to operating a business in the hidden clan, and every shop had to close by 9.30PM and shut the lights off at 10.00PM.

Because of that, absolute silence permeated the place, creating a stark contrast between the hustle and bustle during the day.

Shirley looked at the man beside him and pointed to her room. “Uh… I-I’m going to sleep now.” “Okay. Goodnight. Call me if anything happens.”

With that, they went back to their respective rooms. Inside the room were all the daily necessities and washed clothes that Matthew had ordered his people to prepare beforehand.

After washing up, Shirley used the new phone Matthew had given them. Besides being able to call someone, all other functions were disabled.

Bored out of her mind, she could only lie down on the bed and stare at the ceiling. Slowly, her brain started to recall urban legends such as vampires appearing in people’s homes and headless horsemen.

The more she thought about it, the more afraid she became. Suddenly, a bright light illuminated the room, and she trembled out of shock.

Light shone through the window again as she thought she was hallucinating. Not being able to take it anymore, she stood up in an instant and ran out of her room to Skyler’s, banging on his door.

“Skyler, open the door!” she shouted. She heard the door unlock a few seconds later, and the door quickly swung open. Skyler looked at the pale-faced Shirley, but thunder interrupted him before he could say anything.

“Ah!” Scared out of her wits, Shirley hugged Skyler tightly without a second thought, and she trembled in his embrace. It was so sudden that it shocked him.

His eyes lit up, and it was accompanied by a smile as he patted her back. “It’s just thunder. Don’t be scared.” The trembling woman in his embrace calmed down upon hearing this.

After a while, she pushed Skyler away and took a step back. “S-Sorry about that. I-I was a bit shocked just now.”

Shirley blushed in embarrassment upon thinking of their hug. Yet, she did not mean to do that. From the start, she had been afraid of thunder and the dark. After arriving at the hidden clan, her brain started to recall all those crazy horror stories.

Despite the normal weather, Shirley’s face was pale and sweat covered her forehead, hinting that she was not faking this. All of this made Skyler pity her. “You…”

Just as he wanted to ask Shirley if she wanted him to go over and accompany her, he heard her say, “I-I can’t sleep like this. Can I sleep in your room? D-Don’t misunderstand, though! I can sleep on the floor. You can just sleep on the bed. Is that okay?”

Although Skyler did not say anything, he was beyond happy inside. Is that okay? Of course! It can’t get any better than this. Even though he was jumping for joy inside, he did not express it explicitly.

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