Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 822

Chapter 822 Call Her Veronica

“I used to think that Mr. Crayson was a nice person. I didn’t know he was such a bad guy.” Pouting, Shirley pitied Veronica. “Never mind. Let’s stop talking about this.”

Veronica switched the subject and asked, “Matt, where will they be staying for now?” “One Piece Restaurant. Since we have three rooms, you two can just pick any of the rooms to sleep in.” Matthew had planned it all in advance. Knock, knock, knock…

Just then, someone knocked on the door. “Boss, someone’s looking for you,” the person announced. Matthew stood up in response and said, “Carry on with your conversation. I’ll excuse myself for now.” He walked out of the living room before closing the door.

With only three people left in the living room, Veronica wanted to ask Shirley about Vincere Games without Skyler overhearing them.

Yet, she heard Skyler say, “Since I brought Shirley over, I’ve already arranged for someone trustworthy to help you manage Vincere Games. The company will certainly rise to new heights.”

Then, he winked at Veronica before smiling smugly. “Don’t worry, Roni. I won’t tell Matt about this.”

When Skyler first knew about Veronica managing a business in secret, he found it hard to believe the news. Yet, after thinking of her independent nature, he thought that she would not want to rely on Matthew in the long term, so it was natural for her to start a business.

“Thanks.” Veronica thanked him before she glanced at Shirley, seemingly blaming her for it. Knowing that she had made a mistake, Shirley looked down at her feet and stuttered, “I-I’m sorry, R-Roni. I… I…”

“It has nothing to do with her. I only got someone to look into this because I saw her going to work at Vincere Games. Then, I got exposed.”

Fearing that Veronica would blame Shirley for this, Skyler immediately explained the situation. Hmph, isn’t he being too protective right now? “Why are you in such a panic? It’s not as if I’m going to punch her.” Veronica couldn’t help teasing Skyler upon seeing the worried look on the man’s face.

Yet, how could Shirley not understand the underlying meaning in her words? Blushing, Shirley looked very shy. “Don’t spout nonsense, Roni.” “Nonsense? What do you mean?”

Veronica looked at Shirley with a confused expression. “I mean… I…”

Speechless, Shirley found out that her response was too exaggerated.

Skyler, who was sitting by the side quietly, looked at the two women with a smile. Not long after, Matthew returned to them and they spent the whole afternoon chatting happily.

In the evening, he ordered the kitchen to prepare a few dishes, and they continued to talk while they ate.

They were having an enjoyable time, and after seeing how happy Veronica was, Matthew did not remind them of the time although he realized it was getting late.

This persisted until 10.00PM when Crayson called her, reminding Veronica that it was time to go. As for Matthew, he brought Shirley and Skyler to choose their rooms.

Skyler settled on the first room while Shirley chose the second one with only a thin wall separating them. Then, Matthew gave both of them micro translation devices, telling the duo to wear them whenever they went out so that life in the hidden clan would be easier.

“Goodnight. I’ll have to return with Roni now since the weather forecast predicted rain later in the night.” He held Veronica by the shoulders and spoke to the two.

“Okay, President Kings.”

“Alright, Matt and Roni. You guys go ahead first.” Shirley and Skyler nodded.

After Skyler spoke, Matthew suddenly glared at him. “Call her Veronica!”

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