Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 821

Chapter 821 A Million Questions

Skyler walked forward and frowned. “You said that Matt is here, right? Where is he?” “He’s closer than you think.” Veronica raised an eyebrow, gesturing for Skyler to look at the man behind him.

Skyler and Shirley turned around, catching sight of the normal-looking tanned man with a mole on his face. They couldn’t notice anything odd about him.

“What’s wrong? Can’t recognize me anymore?” Matthew stuck his hands into the pockets of his loose pants, raising his eyebrows with a half-smile. “Matt?”

“President… President Kings?” After getting into the hidden clan, Matthew had always used a fake voice to talk so that he could disguise himself. His appearance was also altered, so the two didn’t even suspect that it was him.

Now that he was speaking in his original voice, the two immediately recognized him. “Oh, my goodness, President Kings, are you really alive? I couldn’t believe it when Skyler told me.” Shirley was bewildered as she opened her mouth in shock.

After a stunned moment, she walked up to Matthew and reached out to pinch his arm. “You’re alive. Are you really President Kings?”

Scenes of Matthew’s funeral replayed in her mind, and now that Matthew was right in front of her in the flesh, it felt surreal. It might even be too fantastical to believe.

“As real as can be.” Matthew smiled lightly. “Tsk, Matt, it’s okay to make yourself look ugly, but this is too much. You’re a real daredevil sometimes. If I were Veronica and had to look at your ugly face all the time, I might have nightmares.” Skyler couldn’t help but tease him.

Matthew delivered a kick to his leg. “Get lost.” The party exchanged glances and laughed, their voices resounding within the room.

After they took their seats, Matthew began making tea. Shirley grabbed Veronica’s arm and spoke as if she had discovered something amazing. “Veronica, you’re awesome! You’re the young lord of the hidden clan, but I had no clue at all! Also, did you know? Right from the moment I walked into the hidden clan, I felt as if I had traveled through time. Everything here makes me feel like I’m in a dream. I was so used to seeing skyscrapers, so the old-fashioned buildings make it seem like we’re in ancient times. Also, when did you find out that you’re the young lord of the hidden clan? Have you always known that President Kings was alive?”

Shirley’s mind was filled with a million questions.

Ever since she entered the private room, she had been holding Veronica’s hand and asking all sorts of questions.

Veronica patiently gave Shirley a run-through of everything, and it was only then that Shirley understood some of it.

However, when she saw Matthew in the hidden clan’s traditional attire, she found it hard to adjust to the sight.

“Did you just arrive today?” Veronica picked up a cup of tea in front of her and took a sip as she asked with faked indifference, “How many days did it take you to get here?”

“About ten days from Castron.” Skyler calculated the time in detail, then gave Veronica an accurate answer.

While holding the cup, Veronica slightly lifted her eyelids as she looked at Matthew. “Crayson lied to me.”

She had once asked Crayson; since the ascension ceremony of the young lord of the hidden clan was two months away, why did she have to hurry to the hidden clan? At the time, Crayson said that if they were late by a few days, they wouldn’t be able to enter the hidden clan by then.

However, Skyler and Shirley managed to enter the hidden clan without a hitch.

“Master Crayson is a possessive man. If you stayed in Bloomstead with the children any longer, he was worried that you’d change your mind. He also convinced you to come in advance so that you could get used to life in the hidden clan. I think he must have hoped very strongly that you would get used to this place and stay here.”

If one were to get someone to stay behind, one would have to offer an advantage that could tempt the other.

The hidden clan had picturesque views and a simple way of living, and those were considered its greatest advantage.

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