Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 820

Chapter 820 Unfortunate

“Does he have a thing for Shirley?” Veronica keenly caught some key information. “Perhaps…” Matthew didn’t provide an exact answer, for he couldn’t figure out what Skyler thought of Shirley either. “Let’s go. We’ll wait for them in a room.” Matthew reached out and took Veronica’s hand. He executed the action with such ease that it looked like he had repeated the same action countless times.

However, ever since they arrived in the hidden clan, the two had kept their distance on purpose, fearing that they would be discovered. However, they were in One Piece Restaurant right now. This was Matthew’s turf, so he could do as he pleased.

Feeling the warmth from his palm, Veronica felt her heart warming up, and the smile in her eyes was almost overflowing. They went to the first private room on the fifth floor. After stepping in, Veronica realized that it was designed like a suite.

The outside was a living room, whereas a bedroom lay within. The opposite of the bedroom was a study for work, and the desk was right next to the window.

“This room isn’t open to the public, is it?” Veronica stood in the room and glanced around her, then looked at Matthew in confusion. The man curved his lips as he took her hand and pulled her into his embrace. He held her lightly and asked, “How are you so smart?”

His fingers caressed her face, then he leaned in and pressed his forehead against hers. His actions were intimate and filled with love.

The two looked into each other’s eyes at a close distance. Their breaths grew heavier at this point, and Matthew said hoarsely, “If Skyler and Shirley weren’t coming so suddenly, I’d be getting it on with you right now.”

Veronica let out a laugh. With an arm wrapped around his waist, she gave his back a gentle pinch. “Haven’t you had enough of me last night? Why are you asking for more here?”

She was impressed. She wondered how he could have such strong stamina.

The man shook his head. “It’s different.”

“In what sense?” She didn’t understand.

When she finished speaking, she saw a wry smile on Matthew’s face. The latter leaned in close to her and said in a low voice, “There were outsiders back there, and you couldn’t relax. I could barely hear… you.”

In an instant, Veronica’s face flushed red, and she looked like a little cooked shrimp.

Just as Veronica was shyly biting her red lip, Matthew reached up and held her chin. “In this suite, even if you shout with all your might, no one would be able to hear you.”

“Go away and quit your nonsense!” Veronica was blushing fiercely at his words. Unable to defy his passionate gaze, she reached out and pushed him away.

Even when Veronica had pushed him away, Matthew still held her hand tightly.

Hence, he gently pulled her into his embrace. Veronica’s body twirled against her will before she was held in his arms with her back to him.

Matthew’s right hand held her cheeks and guided her head to the left. He then leaned in, tilted his head, and kissed her red lips.

Their lips pressed together gently. Veronica could feel the burning passion of his lips and his heavy breaths. Her heart thumped along with the excitement, and her breaths began to lose their rhythm.

Knock, knock—

What unfortunate timing.

Along with the knocks on the door, a voice sounded. “Pardon, your visitors have arrived.”

Hearing the voice, Matthew looked up reluctantly. He noticed a gleaming sliver trailing from the corner of her lips, so he reached up and wiped it away, smiling lovingly as he said, “I’ll get the door.”

He let go of Veronica, then walked up to the entrance of the living room, proceeding to open the door.

Skyler and Shirley were standing right there.

“Come in.” Matthew didn’t say much as he stood to the side, allowing the two to enter.

At first, Shirley and Skyler hadn’t recognized Matthew, and they thought he was just a stranger.

Then, they only noticed Veronica standing at the side after they had entered the living room.

Shirley was extremely excited as she ran joyously over to Veronica and hugged her. “Hahaha, Veronica, I’ve finally met you again! I was so worried.”

Being hugged with such enthusiasm, Veronica gave a helpless smile as she patted Shirley on the back. “Why are you here?”

“Skyler brought me here.” Shirley pointed at Skyler as she spoke.

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