Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 819

Chapter 819 Matthew’s Ability

Fast forward to half a month later in the hidden clan, Veronica and Matthew were having their lessons in the study one morning. After lunch, Veronica told Crayson that she was rather full, so she wanted to take a walk down the mountain.

As usual, Matthew followed closely behind. As they walked on the steps, Veronica lowered her voice and asked, “What’s going on? Why did you ask me to come out so mysteriously?”

According to the schedule Crayson gave her, she had martial arts practice at 3.00PM. “You’ll know later.” Matthew gave Veronica a mysterious smile, then descended the mountain with her.

They weaved through the bustling market and passed by three streets before they arrived at a restaurant called One Piece Restaurant. Standing at the entrance of the restaurant, Veronica looked at the shop’s sign hanging above their heads. She mumbled, “One Piece Restaurant?”

She gave Matthew a meaningful look. In Bloomstead, Matthew also owned a top-class restaurant called One Piece Restaurant and now, he was bringing her to One Piece Restaurant again. Could it be that this guy opened up a branch in the hidden clan without her knowing?

The man pursed his lips into a smile. “You’re smart.” Even though Veronica didn’t ask too much about it, the two only had to exchange looks to know what the other was thinking.

“So, you wanted me to go down the mountain for this.” Veronica nodded as she walked into the restaurant, amused. She examined the interior and style of the restaurant in detail.

“This is a teahouse and a restaurant rolled into one, and private rooms are provided. The restaurant’s design is a combination of modernity and the unique motifs of the hidden clan.” As Matthew led Veronica up the stairs, he gave her a brief explanation of the restaurant.

The restaurant opened recently and the decorations looked brand new, but customers were already flooding the place.

Veronica was surprised at the sight, and she gave Matthew a thumbs-up. “Good job.”

She had truly underestimated Matthew’s ability to fit in.

He could open a restaurant in the hidden clan market within such a short time, and the people running it were probably capable and trustworthy as well.

“I’ve already bought this seven-story building,” Matthew said indifferently.

However, Veronica was surprised once more.

In the hidden clan, due to their unique architecture, all the buildings were made out of wood. Hence, the height of the buildings was severely limited, and buildings could only go up to seven stories. Even so, there weren’t a lot of seven-story buildings around either.

However, Matthew managed to purchase a whole building right from the get-go. He would need dozens of employees to run the place, and those employees had to be people whom he trusted!

How did Matthew do all of this?

Veronica followed him up to the seventh floor to discover that there was half a floor above it.

The two climbed up the ladder to arrive at the half floor. As they stood there, they gazed down at the huge entirety of the hidden clan. They could see the entire market from there.

Veronica suddenly understood why Matthew bought this building.

Just as she was about to praise him, she saw him lifting a finger and pointing at a street below them. “Do you see that man in a blue suit? Don’t you think he looks familiar?”

Veronica leaned slightly forward and looked below them. The man in the royal blue suit walking in the streets did look familiar. “Isn’t that Sky… Skyler?! Wait, why does the woman next to him look like Shirley?”

“You have good eyesight.” The man raised a hand and patted her hair softly as he smiled gently.

“Are they Skyler and Shirley? Why are they here?” Veronica frowned deeply. “What is Skyler thinking? How can he bring Shirley with him?!”

Veronica wasn’t hiding the secret of her identity on purpose, so she wouldn’t be mad if Shirley found out.

However, the hidden clan was grave. Bringing Shirley here would be the equivalent of pushing her into a fiery pit.

“I heard from Skyler that Sofia’s brother, Garrick, has been plotting against Shirley. Since Shirley trusts Garrick too much, Skyler was worried, so he could only bring her to the hidden clan.”

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