Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 818

Chapter 818 Come with Me

Even though the layout was simple, it was clean and tidy. Everything was neatly organized, and it gave off the warm feeling of a cozy, little home.

He hadn’t stayed in Shirley’s house for long, but after he left, he would often think back on the warmth of that place while he lived in the huge empty villa. He even grew to like the atmosphere of a lived-in place despite its small size.

“What did Veronica ask you to tell me?” Shirley walked up to the entrance and changed into a pair of slippers, then shuffled back to the couch and sat down.

“She—” Skyler paused, then lowered his gaze. His dark pupils darted a little as he said, “Actually, there are many things that you don’t know. When Veronica contacted me this time, she wanted you to come with me to see her. As for the company’s matters, I’ll arrange for someone to take care of it for you—”

As he spoke, Skyler hastily explained, “This is what Veronica wants.” Skyler hadn’t wanted to take Shirley away from Bloomstead, but that jerk named Garrick kept bothering her. That old fox was cunning and devious, so Shirley couldn’t possibly win against him.

Skyler was worried about Shirley and even more so about Wade. After some consideration, he decided to bring Shirley with him and leave Bloomstead.

“If Veronica wanted me to see her, why didn’t she contact me directly instead of talking to you?” Shirley barely trusted Skyler. She knew that no matter how much of a jerk Skyler was, he wouldn’t betray her, but she still doubted him instinctively.

“She’s with Matt now. Everyone in Bloomstead knows Matt is ‘dead’, so they’re all keeping an eye on Veronica. If she contacted you, are you sure that you wouldn’t expose Matt’s identity?”

Skyler secretly apologized ten thousand times to Matthew in his heart.

He was really at his wits’ end, or he wouldn’t have betrayed Matthew.

“What? President… President Kings, he… isn’t he… Mmph—”

The breaking news came so suddenly that Shirley couldn’t believe it. Subconsciously, she got up and sat down next to Skyler, grabbing his sleeve as she questioned him.

However, before she could finish speaking, Skyler held her mouth shut. “Are you trying to get yourself killed?!”

At being reprimanded, Shirley collected her thoughts and instantly fell silent. She nodded, signifying that she wouldn’t say another word.

At that, the two realized how close they were to each other.

Shirley’s fair face flushed bright red as though she was experiencing her first love. She immediately let go of Skyler’s hand and lowered her head, not daring to look at him.

Skyler was a head taller than Shirley. Since Shirley was wearing her hair in a ponytail, Skyler could see that even Shirley’s ears and neck were tinted red.

However, it was exactly this accidental shyness of hers that excited Skyler to no end and he instantly became uncomfortable.

“Cough…” He averted his gaze and cleared his throat, then returned to the topic at hand. “There are some things I can’t tell you right now, but Veronica wants you to come with me. She’s run into some trouble over there and needs our help.”

“Oh, okay. When are we setting out?”

Shirley was still shocked at the news that Matthew was still alive. For a long while, she couldn’t recover from the shock, and she had even forgotten the embarrassment just now.

Shirley followed Veronica for more than two years, and she had absolute trust in Veronica. Matthew also treated Shirley nicely, and she was grateful for that.

Now that she knew that the two were in trouble, Shirley naturally wouldn’t hesitate to help.

Skyler was originally worried that Shirley might decline, so he didn’t expect her to agree so readily. It caught him by surprise.

“Tomorrow. But once we set out, it might take two months before we return, and we cannot contact anyone back home. You’d better inform all your relatives and friends today so that they won’t think you’ve gone missing. It would be a pain if they reported it to the police.”

“Got it.”

Shirley nodded, then asked some questions about the situation before she began calling her parents and friends. She told them that her company was sending her abroad for private training, so she wouldn’t be able to contact them for the next few months.

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