Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 817

Chapter 817 He Still Cares About Her

They left the private room and went downstairs. After Wade paid the bill, they stepped out of the restaurant together. Wade took out the flowers from the car and passed them to Shirley. With a bright smile, he offered, “Do you want me to pick you up later?”

“I… have to work overtime. There’s a lot of work to do lately.” Shirley turned him down tactfully. Although Wade never said anything, she could see the fervent affection behind his gaze. She felt that she had to tell Wade eventually that she didn’t love him.

“Alright. Keep in touch.” Wade smiled, then said to Monica, “Let’s get into the car, Monica.” He then waved his hand at Skyler. “See you, Young Master Skyler.”

Monica waved her hand at them and entered the vehicle. Only then did they leave the place.

Shirley watched as the car pulled onto the main road and disappeared into the distance. Then, she turned to Skyler and asked, “Did Roni tell you to look for me? What does she want to tell me?”

Skyler felt irked at the sight of the bouquet in her hands. After shooting her a dispassionate glance, he pointed at the sun. “Are you sure you want to talk under the scorching sun?”

“Where should we go, then?” Shirley couldn’t bear the heat as well, so she held the bouquet with one hand and raised her other hand to block the sunlight.

“Let’s go back to your place,” he suggested.

“My place?” Shirley instinctively took a step back and shook her head. “No—”

“Do you want to swagger into your company with a bouquet in your hands?” Skyler cut her off. When he noticed the subconscious vigilance on her face, his heart sank. There seemed to be something stuck in his throat that irritated him.

He took a few steps forward and looked down at her. “Am I a wolf or something? Are you worried that I’ll swallow you?”

Shirley was rendered speechless. You’re worse than a pack of wolves, she thought. After hesitating for a bit, she replied, “No.” Despite what she said, she dipped her head, suggesting otherwise.

Skyler had been suppressing his fury, but it burst out of him as he grabbed the woman’s arm. “Get this straight, Shirley. You were the one who climbed onto my bed. If I’m a wolf, what does that make you, huh?” he drawled with extreme displeasure.

Faced with the man’s hostility, Shirley trembled and pressed her lips together.

A cab happened to pass by. Skyler stopped the vehicle and pushed her into it before heading to their destination. Half an hour later, they arrived at her apartment and entered the living room.

It was Shirley’s home, but after Skyler entered the place, he was deluged with a sense of familiarity. Completely at ease, he sat down on the couch and crossed his legs.

Meanwhile, Shirley stood in the living room with Wade’s flowers in her hands, at a loss for words and not knowing what to do.

“What are you doing there? Have a seat,” he ordered and languidly leaned his back against the couch. It was as though he was the owner of this house.

“Oh.” Shirley put down the flowers on the table and placed her bag on the couch. Then, she sat down with her legs joined and her hands placed on her knees, looking like an obedient student as she looked at Skyler.

They gazed at each other for several seconds before Shirley stood straight up and snapped, “Hey, it’s my home. Why should I let you lead me by the nose? That’s ridiculous!” Then, she turned around and stomped her foot before striding toward the kitchen.

Her roar stunned Skyler. He initially thought that she would pick up a knife from the kitchen and kill him, but he soon realized that she had put a kettle on the stove and started boiling some water.

Seeing that, he felt his fury subsiding as he looked at the woman with amusement. Then, he pressed his back against the couch and examined her home. Nothing seemed to have changed since he moved out previously.

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