Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 816

Chapter 816 I Have Something to Tell You

All of a sudden, Skyler’s phone started ringing. He fished it out and took a look. “I’ll answer this call outside.” Then, he turned around and left the private room.

Shirley clicked her tongue. “Where are your manners, Monica? You only greeted Young Master Skyler. Don’t you see us standing here as well?”

When he heard Shirley’s teasing remarks, Wade started laughing. Monica extended her hand and pinched Shirley’s arm. “You’re getting nastier. You’re brave enough to make fun of me now, aren’t you?”

“Ouch! It hurts! Go easy on me, Monica. I’m just pulling your leg.” Shirley chuckled. The atmosphere was lively in the private room.

However, in the corridor outside the private room, Skyler looked at the number from a foreign country and frowned. His expression turned solemn in an instant. He clenched his phone and answered the call before putting the device beside his ear. “Thomas?”

“I’ve just received a message from Young Master Matthew. You can set off now, Young Master Skyler.” Thomas didn’t go into details as he only passed on Matthew’s word.

However, Skyler knew Matthew very well.

Matthew was a meticulous man who would do everything he could to ensure that things would go according to plan. Before Matthew left Castron for the hidden clan’s headquarters, they had met for one last time. At that time, Matthew told him he would let him go to the hidden clan’s headquarters someday.

Miguel was a reliable man who was now the chief operating officer of Matthew’s company in Bloomstead. On the other hand, even though Caleb was a taciturn man, he was resourceful and tactful.

They worked well together, so Matthew could leave the company to them with peace of mind. In the end, he decided to let Skyler go to the hidden clan’s headquarters. Another reason was that Skyler was a skillful medical practitioner. As such, Matthew could set his mind at ease with the man around.

“Do I have to set off now?” Skyler’s grip on the phone tightened. He turned to look in the private room’s direction and hesitated.

“What’s wrong? Are you being held up right now?” Thomas asked as he realized something amiss.

“Not really. I just want to bring someone with me. Would that be possible?”

“You can do that as long as the person can be trusted.”

“Alright. It’s decided, then.” Skyler hung up the call and returned to the private room.

As they were seated around the table, they had their lunch in a joyful atmosphere. When they were done with the meal, Skyler picked up his phone and sent a message to Shirley, who was just seated across from him. ‘I have something to tell you later.’

Shirley’s phone buzzed, and the screen lit up. While having dessert, she took a look at the phone and saw the message. After shooting Skyler a glance, she ignored him and continued having her dessert.

Skyler’s face fell as he was ignored by the woman. He had the urge to strangle her, but he patiently sent her another message. ‘Roni wants me to relay her words to you.’

As expected, at the mention of Veronica, it worked. Shirley put down her spoon and replied promptly, ‘Sure.’

Meanwhile, Wade was talking to Monica about her child, so he never noticed what they were doing. A while later, Wade said, “It’s getting late, Shir. Why don’t I send you back to the company? You might be late if we don’t get going now. I have to send Monica back as well.”

“Oh, well… Why don’t you send Monica back first? Our company is going to work with Young Master Skyler, so there’s something we need to discuss.” Since Shirley was unable to come up with a good reason, she could only make one up.

Hearing that, Wade squinted his eyes at Skyler and quickly looked away. “Sure, that won’t be a problem. What about the flowers?” The flowers were left in the car before they got out of the vehicle.

“I’ll go and get them,” Shirley replied.

“Sure. Let’s go together,” Monica said.

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