Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 813

Chapter 813 Buttering Her Up

“Oh, you’re talking about him?” Eleanor placed her hand on the armrest and looked languidly at Dominik. “It seems that there’s no tacit understanding between us, Dominik. Think about it; Iron Pillar is Veronica’s cook. If I can make him side with us, won’t he become our pawn? Also, the Ledgers will never trust him. When they see that we’re close, they’ll try to make use of it. Depending on how we use him, that guy will be a good pawn.”

Her words made Dominik fall into his thoughts. After pondering for a moment, he squinted his eyes and asked doubtfully, “Is that really what’s on your mind?”

“Of course.” Eleanor flicked the crumbs off the tips of her fingers. “Do you think I’m into an ordinary cook?” Certainly, her insincere words were meant to fool him.

A glint flashed across Dominik’s eyes as he fell for her words. After giving it some thought, a smile played on his initially pressed lips. “You’re indeed intelligent, Eleanor. Why don’t you tell me more about your plan?”

“Okay, this is what I think…” Eleanor explained her plan to him solemnly. He listened attentively as it was apparent that he had taken it seriously. Then, he shared his thoughts with her so that they could come up with a plot together.

“That’s an excellent idea, Dominik.” Eleanor laughed. After listening to his plan, she gave him a thumbs-up. “In fact, that’s the best idea I’ve ever heard in a long time. It’s decided, then. I’ll get some rest now.”

She waved her hand, placed both hands behind her back, and elegantly left the side hall. The instant she turned away from Dominik, the smile disappeared from her alluring face. Her eyes were cold and distant as she gave off a dispassionate vibe.

The next morning in Bloomstead, Shirley woke up early and prepared breakfast. She also packed up some food for Wade’s mother and helped her wash up. When she was done with all that, she headed to the company in a hurry.

After the usual meeting, she gave Garrick a call and invited him to visit her company. This time, Garrick directly agreed to it.

Having learned their lesson, Jayden and Shawn wouldn’t dare to make things difficult for Shirley again. When Shirley led Garrick to take a stroll around the company an hour later, Jayden and Shawn were shocked. Now, they not only treated her with respect but also buttered her up.

“President Brennan, esports is popular among young people now, and it’s a rising industry. If you work with our company, you’ll earn a handsome profit.” As Shirley led Garrick on a tour around the company, she explained to him the current trends in the industry.

“Yes, Pia has told me a lot about it. She was very supportive when she learned that I was going to work with your company.” Garrick no longer appeared as leisurely as he usually did. He was serious and authoritative when it came to working.

He glanced at Jayden and Shawn, then said to Shirley, “The sponsorship is decided, then. I have to go back now. As for the contract, I’ll inform you to come to my company and sign it when it’s ready.” After a pause, he asked, “Will it be too troublesome for you?”

“No, no, no! It’s fine, President Brennan.” Shirley repeatedly shook her head. “Since you have work to do, I won’t hold you up. Thanks for coming over despite your busy schedule.”

“We’re friends, so you don’t have to be overly polite with me.” Garrick gave her a friendly pat on the shoulder and turned to the others. “See you, Mr. Stoll, Mr. Adler.”

“Thanks for coming over, President Brennan. We’ll see you off.”

“We can’t thank you enough, President Brennan.”

Grinning from ear to ear, the two of them shook hands with Garrick.

They then saw him off and watched him leave in his car. Following that, Jayden and Shawn surrounded Shirley before asking, “Why are you so close to President Brennan?”

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