Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 812

Chapter 812 Loggerhead

“Come on, Master Iron. The pork you’ve prepared is delicious too. Here’s a piece for you.” Eleanor hospitably placed some food on Matthew’s plate, ignoring the others’ awkward stares.

Matthew looked at the piece of pork on his plate and frowned slightly. Without saying anything, he continued having lunch. However, he never touched the piece of pork given to him by Eleanor.

He had prepared several dishes and soups for lunch that included steamed chicken, fried cod fish, braised pork, fried broccoli, pickled cucumbers, baked beans, chicken soup, and mushroom soup.

As the dishes were aromatic and palatable, everyone around the table quickly gobbled them up. Veronica never expected that the Ledgers would love these simple dishes, but they were so eager to wolf down the food.

After lunch, they left the dining hall and the servants came over to clean up the mess. The Ledgers were then ready to leave.

“Thanks for treating us to lunch, Master Waylen, Miss Murphy, Mateo.” Dominik expressed his gratitude gently.

Crayson laughed and replied humbly, “It’s my pleasure, Your Highness.”

Eleanor said, “Dominik, it was Master Iron and me who prepared the dishes in the afternoon. You should thank us.”

Everyone could tell that she was in favor of Matthew. It was as though she was worried that they were not aware of it.

Unable to take it anymore, Liam reminded her, saying, “Please restrain yourself, Eleanor. Do not forget about your identity.”

An unfazed Eleanor waved her hand at Matthew. “Thanks for your treat, Master Iron. Please drop by the palace to visit me sometime in the future.”

Dominik saluted them briefly. “See you, Master Waylen, Miss Murphy, Mateo, Iron Pillar.”

Born to be a nobleman, he was well-mannered and calm. After the three of them left the yard, their bodyguards followed them as they returned home.

In the yard, Mateo muttered, “What on earth are they trying to achieve, Grandpa?”

The smile on Crayson’s face faded. Then, he turned around and glanced at Matthew, his gaze inscrutable. “Come with me, Matthew.”

“Yes, Master Waylen.” Matthew whirled around and followed him into the living room.

Mateo walked up to Veronica and whispered, “Roni, do you think Princess Eleanor is into that loggerhead?”

Loggerhead?! Veronica’s alluring face fell. “Who are you calling a loggerhead?” How dare he call my husband such a tacky name? That’s intolerable.

“I’m talking about Iron Pillar.”

“What makes you think he’s dumb?”

“Well, it’s just a nickname. Why are you mad?” Mateo felt that she was overreacting.

“Don’t ever call someone names. That’s nasty.” Veronica rolled her eyes and turned around to leave.

As she brushed past Mateo, she stamped on his foot, causing him to groan in pain. “Ouch! My foot! It hurts! Are you trying to cripple me, Roni?”

“Oh, I’m sorry for stamping on your foot. I didn’t mean it,” Veronica apologized with an insincere smile, then entered the living room.

When they returned to the palace, Liam parted ways with Dominik and Eleanor as he wanted to have some fun with a beautiful maidservant.

After entering the side hall, Dominik turned around and glared at Eleanor. Unlike his usual gentle self, he questioned, “What are you trying to do?”

“What do you mean? I don’t get it.” Eleanor raised her hand and fiddled with a few strands of hair on her shoulder. Then, she ambled toward a chair and took a seat. Seeing that there were some cakes on the table, she picked one up and took a bite.

“I’m talking about Iron Pillar!”

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