Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 811

Chapter 811 Don’t You Have Hands?

Mateo’s face fell. Just as he was about to turn her down, he looked up and saw Crayson staring sternly at him. Left with no choice, he rose and sat down on the chair beside it.

Just then, Matthew took off his apron and shuffled toward them from the kitchen. “Come on, Master Iron. I’ve reserved a seat for you.” Eleanor patted the seat beside her with a bright smile. “Don’t you think I treat you well?”

There seemed to be an insinuation in her words. She was trying to mock Veronica, who was seated across from her. “Thanks, Your Highness.” Matthew didn’t mind it as he sat down beside her.

As the only senior among the younger people, Crayson said, “Alright. Since everyone’s here, we’ll start having lunch.” Hayley never came down to join them. Those who knew what had happened never brought up this matter either.

All of them were seated together in the dining hall. Since Eleanor was a talkative person, everyone was proactive during the conversation, and there didn’t seem to be any hostility going on between them. At the very least, they appeared to be friendly to each other.

Veronica felt that Eleanor was suited to be a diplomat. She was a person who could perfectly hide all her emotions from her face, and no one could read her mind. People like her were terrifying.

“I’ll have a taste of the fish.” Eleanor picked up a piece of the meat with a fork and put it into her mouth. As she devoured it, she gave Matthew a thumbs-up. “You certainly live up to your name as my master. The fish is palatable as it’s fragrant, tender, and slightly sweet. I can’t praise you enough.”

“I’ll have a taste as well.” Liam got himself a piece of the fish and placed it in his mouth. His eyes brightened with surprise as he had never expected it to be so good, but he still pretended to be calm. “Is it delicious? I think it’s average, though. Let me think. Oh, it’s not spicy enough. It would’ve been great if it was cooked with more spices,” he remarked with a frown.

Members of the hidden clan loved spices, and they expected the food served to them to be spicy. However, not every dish had to be spicy to be delicious.

The fish that Matthew had prepared was one such example. He just had to fry it until both sides were golden, then stew it with spring onions and carrots. After that, he added a handful of coriander and let it simmer. As a result, the fish was tender and palatable without any fishiness.

Dominik got himself some meat and had a taste, then said to Matthew, “Your cooking skills are excellent, Iron Pillar. The fish is delicious.”

“Thanks for your compliment, Your Highness.” Matthew glanced at him with a bashful smile and nodded.

Then, Matthew picked up an entire fish and placed it on Veronica’s plate. “Have some fish, Miss Veronica. If you don’t eat it now, it’ll be gone soon. Master Waylen told me you love eating fish, so I specifically prepared it for you.”

He was a cook, so it was inappropriate for him to take the initiative to place some food on Veronica’s plate. However, since he had mentioned Crayson, everything seemed reasonable. It was especially true since the Ledgers had praised the fish for being palatable. Therefore, it would likely be gone for good in no time.

“Thanks.” Although Veronica was touched, she never let her emotion show on her face.

“What about me?” Mateo gazed at Matthew. “I’m considered your half-master. It’s impolite of you not to place some food on my plate.”

For some reason, he was displeased when he saw Matthew getting some food for Veronica. To his surprise, Matthew shot him a dispassionate glance and refuted, “Don’t you have hands?”

At that, Mateo was speechless.

Eleanor guffawed in response. “You have a point, Master Iron. You’re not supposed to make things difficult for my master, Mateo.”

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