Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 785

Chapter 785 Confession

Matthew sat leisurely on the chair beside the desk when a servant brought in a cup of tea. He picked up the cup elegantly, gently blew the tea, and took a sip. “You’re very confident, Princess Eleanor.”

“I’ve sent my people to investigate you and Veronica before you came here, and I know what you’re capable of.” Eleanor rose to her feet, strolled to him with her hands behind her back, and sat directly on the armrest of his chair. Then, she leaned in close. “A woman needs to have enough power and capability to stand side by side with you. Obviously, Veronica is lacking in many ways.”

“I want a wife, not a right-hand man.” He brushed her off with a smile. “As a husband, I should protect my wife. So, why do I need my wife to be all-knowing and powerful?”

He took a small sip of the fragrant tea leisurely and swept his gaze across her. “Princess Eleanor, I’m afraid you’re looking for the wrong man. A domesticated toy boy is more of your cup of tea, pun intended.”

Matthew’s blatant remarks rendered her speechless. She rested her elbow on his shoulder and looked at him. “I’ve seen too many soft-spoken and weak men, and a dominant and burly man like you is exactly my cup of tea. Never mind. You’ll understand that I’m the most suited person to be your wife one day. I’ll always reserve the position of my ‘official husband’ for you.”

“No, thanks.”

“There’s no need for you to reject my offer in a hurry.” Eleanor chuckled instead of being frustrated after Matthew’s swift rejection. She slightly leaned over, came close to his ear, teasingly blew on his ear, and whispered flirtatiously, “Trust me. One day, you’ll marry me.”

She was filled with confidence.

Meanwhile, Dominik was interrogating the guests one by one at the side palace, and it just so happened that the next person was Tiffany.

When Tiffany saw Dominik inside the palace, she bowed and confided, “Prince Dominik, I know who did it, but… I can only tell you.”

Her words clearly implied that she would only talk after he dismissed the others.

He frowned and waved the servants off. Then, he sat on the main seat with a cold expression, made himself comfortable as he rested his elbow on the armrest, and glared at her. “Talk.”


After the servants left and shut the door, Tiffany got down on her knees and begged, “Prince Dominik, please forgive me! This is a misunderstanding. I-I wanted to set Veronica up, but there were some mistakes, and Prince Liam drank the wine.”

She came clean, sobbing all the while. She looked and sounded inexplicably sincere.

Her actions and confession surprised Dominik, but he remained composed and collected. He merely raised his eyebrows slightly, picked up the cup on the table, and leisurely took a sip of the coffee as he waited for her confession.

Tiffany knew that his silence meant that he was giving her a chance to explain herself, so she hastily continued, “Prince Dominik, you saw that Veronica tried to kill me, so I… I tried to take revenge, and I thought of spiking her wine. When I bought the drug, the seller told me it would take effect in an hour, but I didn’t expect it to take effect so quickly. I’m sorry! Please forgive me, Prince! I’m willing to do anything for you to repent my sin!”

In just two years, her experiences made her thoroughly experience the cruel reality of society, and she lost the ability to trust anyone. She was so insecure that she was willing to throw herself into the lap of anyone who could protect her to keep herself safe and alive. Unfortunately, she was overly impulsive when she did this today.

Veronica tried to kill her in public, and that rightfully scared the shit out of her. Because of Veronica, she became a laughingstock. She had many reasons to resent the woman, but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back, which was why she spiked the drink.

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