Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 782

Chapter 782 Eleanor Ledger

Considering Liam’s silence, it was clear that he was unconscious. At that moment, everyone in attendance was shocked upon witnessing the scene.

Even Matthew, who had always been composed and levelheaded in the face of danger, looked at Xavier with shock and bewilderment. Although one could be selfish and easily jealous when in love with someone, he was still dismayed when he saw how Xavier cared for Veronica.

In the past, when Antheena hunted down Veronica in Primrose Residence, it was Xavier who protected Veronica and saved her life. Matthew would forever remember this and deeply knew that he owed Skyler a huge favor.

“You, send Liam to the doctor. You, guard the scene!”

Dominik was keen and sensible, so he knew that Liam had reacted so abnormally because he had been drugged. Therefore, he turned around and swept an austere glare over everyone. “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a scheme gone wrong. I’m sorry, but no one is allowed to leave until we get to the bottom of it.”

“Who dared to harm Liam?! Guards, investigate this matter thoroughly!” Eleanor bellowed sternly and then pointed at Matthew. “And you! How dare you hurt the Prince of the Hidden Clan! Guards, lock him up!”

She targeted Matthew but left Xavier out of it. It was probably because Matthew had embarrassed her earlier.

“Princess Eleanor, this seems personal, doesn’t it?” Veronica stood in front of Matthew and blocked the guards. “Or is it true that the royal family of the Hidden Clan can do whatever they please?” She pointed at Liam, whom the soldiers were supporting. “He, Liam Ledger, attempted to assault me in public. Iron Pillar is my bodyguard, so he’s just doing his job.”

She was dizzy, but to force herself to maintain her sobriety that was barely there, she clenched her fists tightly and made sure that her nails bit into her palms. The stinging pain kept her conscious. Nevertheless, her body still felt limp and weak, which caused her to feel a well of frustration at this whole debacle.

“Even if Liam assaulted you first, that is no reason for a bodyguard to subdue him so harshly!”

“Hah! That’s ridiculous,” Veronica sneered. “So, according to you, when can he take action? After Liam r*ped me? You should feel lucky on Liam’s behalf, though. If it weren’t for my bodyguard, you would be scraping up his remains.”

“That’s enough.” Dominik raised his hand and firmly put the argument to a halt. “Maids, bring the guests to rest in the palace, and send our men out to investigate the scene.”

Thus, the guards escorted the people into the palace, and each had a room of their own to rest. Perhaps to avoid the masterminds contacting each other, Dominik personally arranged their rooms and sent guards to guard the door.

Regardless, he also promised to release them before midnight.

Veronica was worried about Matthew, but he shook his head at her, signaling her not to worry, so she couldn’t say anything in protest. However, she had no idea that Matthew was taken to the side palace as soon as they parted ways.

The palace of the Hidden Clan’s royal family was magnificent. Even the side palace was luxurious and grand.

After he was led into the side palace, he stood in the middle of the hall and saw Eleanor arriving not long after.

She held a snakeskin whip in her right hand, tapped it gently on her left hand, and sauntered confidently toward Matthew. Finally, she circled him and sized him up.


She fiercely flung the leather whip. The whip cut through the air, making an ear-piercing sound.

“Who the hell are you?” she demanded.

Matthew raised his eyes lazily and merely gazed at her dispassionately. “Miss Veronica’s bodyguard.”

His answer and tone were calm and unobtrusive, yet it was his steadfastness that aroused Eleanor’s curiosity. She clutched the whip in her hand, stood before him, and raised his chin with the whip.

“You probably don’t know what I’m best at, do you?” A confident smile appeared on her exotic face. “I’m best at disguises.”

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