Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 780

Chapter 780 Their Drinks Were Spiked

“Let’s go over there. It’s spacious,” Eleanor said as she pointed to the wide lot not far away. She didn’t ask Hendrey’s opinion, and the usually passive Hendrey could only accept her suggestion.

The crowd eventually got up and walked toward the said location, but Matthew remained seated.

Veronica waited patiently for everyone to walk past them before going to Matthew and patting his shoulder. “Let’s go and have a look. We can’t give ourselves away.”

He placed the wine glass on the table and glanced at Veronica with displeasure. “Have you thought about how you should be punished tonight?”

She bit the bottom of her lips uneasily. Then, she licked her lips and smiled. “I didn’t do anything wrong. Why should I be punished?”

“You didn’t? Alright, it’s my fault then.” With that, he got up, turned around, and walked away from her.

“Uh… Hey!” Veronica found his jealousy amusing, but she couldn’t cheer him up in front of so many people, so she had no choice but to let him sulk for now.

Eleanor and Hendrey were already in their battle stance when she went over, yet Zac and Liam suddenly exclaimed excitedly, “Guys, let’s make a bet.”

“I’ll bet on Hendrey to win.” Zac immediately placed his bet.

Liam said, “I have to support my sister.”

Xavier answered, “Eleanor.”

Antheena beamed. “I think Hendrey will win.”

Tiffany quipped, “Hendrey.”

Dominik sided with his sister as he said, “Eleanor.”

Troy followed suit by saying, “I support my boss’ choice.”

Veronica hesitated. “I… Eleanor.”

Then, everyone turned to look at Matthew.

Matthew looked ahead indifferently. “I do not have money.” I’m just a servant, so, of course, I don’t have any money.

Veronica looked in askance at him. He gets in character quite seriously, doesn’t he?

“Okay, you’re not included. Hendrey has four votes, and Eleanor has four too. It’s quite fair. Alright, you guys can start now.” Liam giggled. “Come on, give me your money and place your bets.”

Eleanor stood in front of Hendrey and bowed deeply. “Mr. Johnson, don’t hold back.”

“Likewise,” Hendrey replied.

“On your marks, start!” Liam shouted, and the two began to fight in earnest.

Eleanor clenched her fists tightly and hurled a left hook toward Hendrey, but he gripped it easily and countered her attack. She used the inertia as leverage to make a front flip, jumped to his back, and kicked him. Her speed was so fast that it was beyond his expectation, so he soon suffered a blow against his back.

“Princess Eleanor, I’m impressed.” Hendrey was careless and let his guard down, and there was an unmistakable hint of admiration when he looked at her. Hence, when he struck again, he started taking the battle seriously as he didn’t lose focus this time.

Two servants moved a table and placed it in front. Zac and Liam placed the money on the table and observed the spar attentively.

Then, Liam muttered, “I’m so thirsty! I’ll have a drink of water.” He got up and went to the bonfire to fetch himself a glass of water.

The fight between Eleanor and Hendrey was nerve-racking and intense. Both were equally skilled, and their stances were captivating. The crowd continuously cheered in excitement.

Suddenly, Veronica felt dizzy. She looked at Matthew and found that he stood rather far away from her and still seemed to be sulking, so she did not want to bother him. However, there were many people here, and they could easily give themselves away by interacting with each other too often.

So, she turned around, walked back to the bonfire, and sat down. Then, she propped her elbows on the table, cupped her forehead, and muttered. “This wine has strong aftereffects.”

Veronica blurted to Liam, who was drinking wine and admired his excellent alcohol tolerance. Shortly after, she began to feel her mind slipping away, and she even felt a little hot.

Liam wanted to drink plain water, but there was only wine on the table, so he drank some wine to quench his thirst. Alas, the more he drank, the hotter he became, and his mind got fuzzier. His gaze at Veronica soon turned from blatant admiration to something akin to hunger.

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