Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 779

Chapter 779 Let’s Spar

“He’s so reserved. I would have thought he was mute if I hadn’t heard him speak earlier,” Antheena remarked.

Eleanor glanced at Matthew with intrigue. “He looks quite homely, but when he fought with Hendrey just now, I could see that he was quite strong.” Then, she turned to Dominik and asked, “Can I spar with him?”

“I heard that Princess Eleanor is highly skilled in terms of martial arts too. I’m interested.” “Yes, you guys can spar.”

“Eleanor, don’t be ridiculous.” “Yeah, he irritates me. Eleanor, teach him a lesson for me.”

“Princess Eleanor, you should forget it. He’s stronger than me. I’m worried he will hurt you by mistake,” Hendrey blurted. It didn’t sound anything out of the norm, yet it was clear that he seemed to be provoking her.

Veronica could tell what Hendrey was up to. She swept an unfathomable glance at him and happened to meet his eyes. He dodged away guiltily.

“Hah! You underestimate me.” It seemed that the provocation worked on Eleanor. So, she raised her eyebrows and confidently walked up to Matthew. “Hey, what’s your name? Can you spar with me?”

Matthew poured himself a bottle of wine and replied indifferently, “No.” His tone was light and breezy, but his refusal was swift and affirmative.

Tiffany, who had been silent due to the humiliation, resented Iron Pillar for his involvement in the incident earlier. Veronica would not have had the chance to make a move on her had he not stepped in to fight with Hendrey. When she saw this, she immediately said imperiously, “You’re just a bodyguard. How dare you disregard the Young Lord of the Hidden Clan. This is outrageous!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Matthew and Veronica glared at her in unison, terrifying her into silence.

“You’re right, Tiffany. Veronica, people would even say that you are defying the Young Lord if word gets out.” Zac added fuel to the fire.

Xavier couldn’t stand the two, so he came to Matthew’s defense and said, “One should always get the other party’s consent in a spar.”

Among the people in attendance, Xavier was the only one who would take Veronica’s side. Unfortunately, he was also a married man. As a result, his remarks drove Antheena up the wall as she retorted, “He should be grateful that the honorable Princess Eleanor is willing to compete with him, yet he rejected her. That’s so rude! He’s lucky that Princess Eleanor is a nice person. Otherwise, he would have been dragged out and executed if it were anyone else.”

Antheena kept fanning the flame, hoping to drive a deeper wedge between Veronica and Eleanor.

“Since he doesn’t want to spar, please don’t push him, Princess Eleanor.” Veronica did not want to force Matthew into a difficult position. Besides, she also wanted to protect her beloved man. Then, she pursed her red lips slightly and beamed. “Hendrey said that Iron Pillar’s skill is far above his. Princess Eleanor, why don’t you spar with Hendrey? You can challenge Iron Pillar after you beat him.”

It was about time to let someone have a taste of their own medicine.

Although Veronica was initially in a dilemma since Hendrey was her first love, her feelings for him gradually dissipated with time.

“Hmm…” Eleanor looked at Hendrey and pondered seriously for a few seconds before nodding. “Okay. Come on, Hendrey, let’s spar, but—” She paused and turned to Matthew. “Your name is Iron Pillar, right? I’ll spar against you if I win against Hendrey. Is that okay?”

“Sure,” Matthew agreed unexpectedly. It was probably because he thought that Eleanor would not be able to win against Hendrey.

“Alright, it’s a deal.” Eleanor snapped her fingers and grinned in excitement.

Veronica had gone through the information packet she was given. So, she knew that even though Eleanor was only three years older than Liam, she was a happy-go-lucky person with a bold and open-minded temperament.

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