Her Billionaire Husband Chapter 778

Chapter 778 Love Eating Lamb

Antheena asked a critical question. Dominik burst out in jovial laughter and explained, “Liam is the youngest, of course. But when we were kids, Liam and Eleanor made a bet during a race. The bet was that if Liam won, Eleanor would have to call him big brother. Well, he won in the end. So, from then on, she would talk to him like he was her elder brother. Eventually, they got used to it.”

“You guys are quite close,” Zac lamented with a sigh and continued to drink his wine. The disappointment and sadness in his eyes were undeniable under the bright firelight of the bonfire. Perhaps, they reminded him of his siblings and that he envied the easy harmony and affection of the Ledger Family.

“Prince Liam, the wine is here.” The servant brought a jar of wine, knelt before the two, and poured the wine.

Right then, Tiffany made an appearance and glanced slyly at the bottle of wine the servant was holding.

“Come on! Let’s enjoy the wine. The roasted lamb will be ready soon. You can try Hidden Clan’s special roasted lamb.” Liam was cheerful, hospitable, and easygoing. He was a natural social butterfly.

“Thank you, Prince Liam, for your hospitality.”


“Wow, this wine is excellent.”

“I heard about the delicious roasted lamb when I arrived here. I’m truly looking forward to it.”

“I love eating lamb.”

The crowd chattered and laughed leisurely, and the atmosphere was cordial and lively. Still, there were two exceptions—Iron Pillar, whose expression was as gloomy as a storm cloud throughout the banquet, but he was ignored due to his status as a mere guard. Then, there was Tiffany, who was utterly embarrassed that she humiliated herself in public. Iron Pillar didn’t want to talk, while Tiffany tried not to join in on the conversation so that no one would notice her and mock her.

After the crowd put down their glasses of wine, Liam turned back to the servant and instructed, “Ask if the roasted lamb is ready. Send it over once it’s done.”

“Yes, Prince Liam.” The servant turned around and swiftly left.

Not long after, several people carried two whole roasted lambs over, and two other servants propped up the folding rack, set up the roasted lambs, and wielded knives to cut them into edible pieces.

“Oh my, this smells delicious!”

“It’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I can’t wait to have a bite.”

“What spices do they use to roast the lambs? It smells amazing.”

“Yeah, that was what I was thinking too.”

“I’ve had a lot of roasted lambs, but none of them smell this great. I have always loved lamb chops. Can I have more?”

The chef took a knife, cut the lamb efficiently, and plated it. Finally, the servants delivered it to each person one by one.

Dominik had a charming smile on his face as he urged, “Please give it a try. The Hidden Clan’s roasted lamb has perfectly crispy skin and tender meat. I’m sure it’ll be a hit.”

Both Antheena and Tiffany had a preference for lamb, and Veronica was no exception. As she greedily stared at the lamb chops on the plate, she quickly wore the disposable gloves and ate them with relish.

“Here. This is the special sauce. Dip the meat in it. It tastes even better, I promise.”

Antheena clicked her tongue. “Tsk tsk… Prince Liam, you’re so biased. Why don’t we have that too?”

“Probably because you’re married,” Zac teased.

The crowd broke out in amused laughter, but Veronica was on pins and needles. She instinctively glanced at Matthew at the next table, only to see him sullenly drinking as he remained as silent as the grave.

Hendrey noticed her gaze and turned to look at Matthew. But then, he couldn’t help but comment curiously, “Hmm, I wasn’t paying any attention to it earlier, but Veronica, I find your bodyguard rather familiar.”

His inadvertent statement attracted everyone’s attention, and all eyes turned simultaneously to look at Matthew. Nevertheless, Matthew merely sat cross-legged with his waist arched. He didn’t even bother to raise his head at all. He only silently drank the wine and enjoyed the roasted lamb as though he was the only man left in the world.

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